Who investigates the Courts when corruption in the uk and europe are involved ?

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John Jones Researcher

Dear Judicial Conduct Investigations Office,

1 a What is the process for investigating Justice corruption when Uk and european courts and police forces are involved.

1 b How many such cases in 2018 have you investigated.

2 When thousands of pounds have been defrauded a persons human rights violated incarcarated against their will or by illegal means and a persons estate sold before they die what can the public and supporters and the authorities do to save these lives and get justice for the crimes against them. ?

3 Do you have any policies or protocols on this ?

4 Would you investigate these issues if we sent them to you as it would be unfair for the courts or forces involved or can you send these issues to a higher agency.

Yours faithfully,

John Jones Researcher

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Webb, Kim, Judicial Conduct Investigations Office

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Dear Mr Jones


Please find enclosed the MOJ’s response to your recent request dated 22
January 2019 made under the Freedom of Information Act.




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