Wheelchair Accessible Bus Services

Doug Paulley made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to North Yorkshire County Council

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Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear North Yorkshire County Council,

1) Please inform me which of the following bus services will be wheelchair accessible following the forthcoming service changes on 17th April:

77 Harrogate - Wetherby (Harrogate and District Travel)
843 Leeds - Tadcaster (Yorkshire Coastliner)
780 Knaresborough - Wetherby (Sandla Travel)
412 and 413, Wetherby to York (Harrogate Coach Travel, Eddie Brown Tours)
X70 Harrogate - Wetherby (Harrogate Coach Travel)

2) Please explain how the public can determine from your website(s) and publications which of the bus services listed on your website are wheelchair accessible. I am unable to determine this information on your websites http://www.northyorks.gov.uk or http://www.northyorkstravel.info, or on Transport Direct or Traveline websites.

3) Please provide evidence of all attempts to ensure that the forthcoming changes do not unduly adversely affect wheelchair users, that routes previously run using wheelchair accessible services continue to do so. All the existing services listed above are wheelchair accesible at present.

4) Please provide evidence as to how your provision of public transport information complies with the requirements under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure that disabled people aren't unduly disadvantaged and to ensure that you make reasonable adjustments in your provision of information to ensure that disabled people can also find the information they need to travel on your bus network.

Yours faithfully,

Doug Paulley

DataManagement Officer, North Yorkshire County Council

Dear Mr Paulley

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom Of Information Act 2000, of which we acknowledge receipt.

Your request has been passed to the appropriate officer to provide a response as soon as possible, and in any event within 20 working days, as required by the Act.

Kind regards

Paul Atkinson, for

Data Management Officer
North Yorkshire County Council
01609 533219 [email address]

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Passenger Transport, North Yorkshire County Council

5 Atodiad

Dear Mr Paulley,

Freedom of Information request - Wheelchair Accessible Bus Services

I write in response to your request for information regarding wheelchair
accessible bus services.

North Yorkshire is England’s largest County, and has an extensive bus
service network provided by approximately 60 bus service operators.
Approximately 75% of this network is operated commercially, and North
Yorkshire County Council has little influence over those services.

However, where services are provided by the council, we work closely with
bus operators to wherever possible improve the quality of vehicles used on
our contracts, and to ensure driver awareness training.

Below is information regarding wheelchair accessibility for the specified
services which you have requested. Where the service is not provided by
the County Council we do not hold this information and I have given
contact details of the service provider.

77 Harrogate - Wetherby (Harrogate and District Travel)

This service is operated commercially; we do not hold information about
wheelchair accessibility.

843 Leeds - Tadcaster (Yorkshire Coastliner)

This service is operated commercially; we do not hold information about
wheelchair accessibility.

780 Knaresborough - Wetherby (Sandla Travel)

This service is contracted by NYCC to provide a low floor easy access
vehicle with space for a wheelchair.

412 and 413, Wetherby to York (Harrogate Coach Travel, Eddie Brown Tours)

Journeys operated by Eddie Brown Tours are contracted and will be
wheelchair accessible. The Harrogate Coach Travel journeys are operated
commercially and we do not hold information about wheelchair
accessibility. Services operated by Eddie Browns will be identified on the

X70 Harrogate - Wetherby (Harrogate Coach Travel)

This service is operated commercially; we do not hold information about
wheelchair accessibility.

Bus Operator contact details:

Harrogate Coach Travel - Tel: 01423 339600, e-mail:
[1][email address]

Yorkshire Coastliner – Tel: 01653 692556, E-mail:
[email address]

Harrogate & District Travel – Tel: 01423 566 061

In order to provide evidence of how changes to services are assessed in
terms of impact to wheelchair users I have attached the following
Equalities Impact Assessments:

- Area Review

- Bus Network Management including Road Closure Procedures

- Proposed Bus Service Reduction

- Bus Strategy

- Information Strategy

Where necessary we have redacted the names and telephone numbers of
individuals from these documents as we consider these to be that
individual's personal data. Personal data of third parties is exempt from
disclosure under section 40 (2) of the FOIA where disclosure would
contravene one or more of the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998
(DPA.) Disclosure of the individual's names would breach the first
principle of the DPA that requires that the processing of personal data be
fair and lawful, and only be processed if one of the conditions in
Schedule 2 of the DPA is met. In this case the disclosure would be unfair
and unlawful and none of the conditions of disclosure have been met.
Please find attached a copy of the Council's appeals procedure.'

The information provided on our website is a composite of information from
different sources as we’ve tried to provide as much information as
possible, and is not limited to services provided solely by the Council.
Where services are provided commercially we cannot guarantee accessibility
and would always recommend a call to the service provider before
travelling. However, where we have been given information about wheelchair
accessibility this is currently available in our three Explorer Travel
Guide publications, which are available in libraries, travel centres,
tourist information centres and other public leaflet outlets; I will be
happy to provide a copy of these on request. Although our website has
links to Transport Direct and the Traveline websites we are not
responsible for these websites, or the information provided on them.

Although accessibility information is not detailed on our website, believe
that it does not unduly disadvantage wheelchair users as the information
is available by other means.

Yours sincerely,


Team Leader, Public Transport

North Yorkshire County Council

Business & Environmental Services

Integrated Passenger Transport

County Hall

Racecourse Lane


North Yorkshire


dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Doug Paulley anodiad ()

complaint sent to NYCC...

"I am writing to complain that despite providing information on bus services (both commercially and publicly funded), NYCC does not provide any details on their website as to which buses or bus services are wheelchair accessible.

According to http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/wh... NYCC does know that some services are wheelchair accessible. This information is not provided in the relevant sections of the NYCC websites. I argue that they should be.

NYCC have no information on the accessibility or otherwise of other services. I'd argue that in order to make it as easy as possible for wheelchair users to use bus services, they should enquire to the companies as to the accessibility of their services and also ask the companies to routinely provide this information when giving NYCC other information on their services. NYCC should then publish this on their website.

To do so would make it a lot easier for wheelchair users to use buses; not doing so makes it a lot more difficult for wheelchair users to do so.

Thank you"