What is the current Reconsideration process, and how does it interact with the new Complaints process

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Darren Townsend-Handscomb

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Thank you for your reply re the AtW Complaints process, dated 29/8/14, your reference VTR FOI 3293.

This FoI request concerns the current AtW Reconsideration process.
Recently a number of Deaf AtW users have had responses from the Reconsideration Panel that say “following the Reconsideration Panel decision, no further request for Reconsideration is possible”.

This is not in line with the Reconsideration process as described in Appendix 5 of the current AtW Guidance, where customers may ask for a Review 4 times before approaching ICE.

It is also not clear from the Guidance how the Reconsideration process sits alongside the current complaints process.

So, can I ask for all written information at AtW / DWP re the following questions. If there is no written information, please confirm that, and in your reply answer the questions.

1) What is the current Reconsideration process?

2) If customers are not satisfied with a decision from the Reconsideration Panel, what is the process for customers re further Reconsideration and/or Complaining?

3) How do the Reconsideration Process and Complaints Process sit along side and interact with each?

For example, if customers are unhappy with the way a decision is made and/or the decision itself, should they ask for a Reconsideration, and Complain at the same time? Or should they ask for a Reconsideration, and, if that is not successful, make a complaint beginning at Tier 1 or Tier 2 of the Complaints process?
I have checked the current AtW Guidance, previous FoI requests and responses, and searched the DWP website, and this is not available there.

Yours faithfully,

Darren Townsend-Handscomb

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Dear Mr Townsend-Handscomb,
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