Was he one of yours?

Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

In RFI20130976 Jones Disclosure Document 1.pdf, an e-mail from Fishburn Hedges to unnamed person(s), 'Moira Whittle', 'Sian Healey', and Jones, Colin (TVL) and dated 16 January 2012 14:49 mentions a YouTube video purporting to show an "Enquiry Officer" (Capita salesman working on behalf of the BBC):

Quote -

Just wanted to flag the following YouTube videos, picked up on the online community manager, featuring recordings of Enquiry Officers.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoZAkZLphJ8 - by

- End quote

In his response, Colin Jones said:

Quote -

Will investigate - initial observations:

1st doesn't look like us - paper looks wrong - won't show id

- End quote

With reference to all documentation available, please provide any and all information relating to Colin Jones' investigation and the conclusion he reached regarding this person.

In the event that the person concerned was found NOT to be a Capita employee engaged in TV licensing enquiries, please state whether further action was taken in this case and what procedures the BBC has in place for dealing with situations where bogus callers purporting to be from "TV Licensing" are identified.

Yours faithfully,


Gadawodd Peter Jones anodiad ()

The way that POS conducted himself in the video, would you expect them to do anything other than deny responsibility?

We don't doubt it's one of them. That's the main thing.

FOI Enquiries, Y Gorfforaeth Ddarlledu Brydeinig

Dear Watchkeeper

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as detailed in your email below. Your request was received on 5th August 2013. We will deal with your request as promptly as possible, and at the latest within 20 working days. If you have any queries about your request, please contact us at the address below.

The reference number for your request is RFI20131135.

Kind regards

The Information Policy & Compliance Team

BBC Freedom of Information
BC2 B6, Broadcast Centre
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TP

Email: [BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2882

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear FOI Enquiries,

Thank you for the acknowledgement.

Please amend the last sentence of my request RFI20131135 to read "... where bogus callers purporting to be from "TV Licensing" are reported, suspected or identified".

Yours sincerely,


FOI Enquiries, Y Gorfforaeth Ddarlledu Brydeinig

1 Atodiad

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please find attached the response to your request for information, reference RFI20131135.

Yours sincerely,

The Information Policy and Compliance Team

BBC Information Policy and Compliance
BC2B6, Broadcast Centre
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TP, UK

Website: www.bbc.co.uk/foi
Email: mailto:[BBC request email]
Tel: 020 8008 2882
Fax: 020 8008 2398

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd D Westwood anodiad ()

"Please note that actions taken in relation to appearance of TV Licensing enquiry officers on videos that have been posted on YouTube are taken by Capita. Whilst this information is held by Capita, it is not held by Capita on behalf of the BBC."

I put it to the BBC that Capita operate 'TV Licensing' on behalf of the BBC, therefore any information held directly in relation to TVL operations is held on behalf of the BBC.

"However, I can advise you that in this instance no information relevant to your request has been retained by Capita."

Capita should be required not to delete or destroy information when operating on behalf of a public body.

Gadawodd Peter Jones anodiad ()

It suits the BBC to keep a distance from Capita, as they can wash their hands of any bad news. Come to mention it the BBC wash their hands of bad news even when they're squarely in the frame!

Gadawodd Peter Jones anodiad ()

Confirmed: http://tv-licensing.blogspot.co.uk/2013/...
He was one of there's. Not that we were in any doubt.

Gadawodd Watchkeeper anodiad ()

Well done, Mr J. Mr Grumpy is no longer a one-hit wonder!