Dear King's College London,

I am interested to know what information the University holds about staff watching pornographic, but not illegal material on a University PC or laptop.
If it is not possible to separate out incidents between illegal and not illegal pornography watched, please combine the categories for the questions below.

In the last 3 years, how many such staff incidents did the University record?
For how many of these incidents, was a staff member disciplined?
What categories of disciplinary action were applied?
Please use the University disciplinary descriptions, or if more appropriate, larger groupings of disciplinary actions.

What part or parts of the University regulations would cover the viewing of pornography?

Yours faithfully,

Jamille Brown

Information Compliance, King's College London

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Dear Jamille,


Thank you for your email. We will treat your request for information as a
request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, received by the
university on 02 January 2020. We will endeavour to respond to your
request within the statutory 20 working day time frame.


Please note that the university has adopted the [1]Model Publication
Scheme and also publishes FOI responses on our [2]Disclosure Log.

Kind regards,



Olenka Cogias

Senior Information Compliance Officer 

Department of Business Assurance

King’s College London

Room 5.35

James Clerk Maxwell Building

[3]57 Waterloo Road

London SE1 8WA


Tel: 020 7848 7816

Email: [4][email address]


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Cogias, Olenka, King's College London

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Dear Jamille,

Please find attached the University's response.

Kind regards,

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