Use of tiltmeters for monitoring during hydraulic fracturing

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Dear Oil and Gas Authority,

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1. Is the following government advice on the use of tiltmeters to monitor seismicity during fracking still current?
“until the characteristics of fracking in a particular formation are well established, in addition to the real time monitoring described above, tiltmeters and a permanent buried seismometer system will record the usual microseismic events (of magnitude much less than ML 0.5) that accompany all fracking activity”. Source: "About shale gas and hydraulic fracturing (fracking)" July 2013 (Link:
2. Were tiltmeters used at Cuadrilla’s PNR-1z fracking operation in October-December 2018?
3. Are tiltmeters being used at Cuadrilla’s PNR2 fracking operation currently underway in August 2019?
4. Were tiltmeters proposed for Third Energy’s fracking operation at KM8 in North Yorkshire?

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Ruth Hayhurst

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Dear Ms Hayhurst,

Please find attached the OGA’s response to your request of 21 August 2019.

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Dear OGA FOI requests,

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Ruth Hayhurst