Use of contextual offer grades in law admissions - 2015 to 2019

John Dimitroulopoulos made this Freedom of Information request to King's College London

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John Dimitroulopoulos

Dear King's College London,

Please provide the following data in relation to all of your undergraduate law courses (i.e. any course with course code M1**) for the following admissions cycles:


1. Whether the university currently operates a ‘contextual offers’ policy where law applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds are, subject to meeting certain criteria, eligible to be made a lower grade offer than applicants who do not meet such criteria;

2. If such a policy is in place, the A-level or IB grades that typically make up this lower ‘contextual offer’ (for example, AAA instead of A*AA);

3. The number of ‘contextual offers’ made to applicants to all law-related courses throughout these four admissions cycles (for example, 4 in 2015/16, 2 in 2016/17, etc).

Yours faithfully,

John Dimitroulopoulos

Information Compliance, King's College London

Dear Mr Dimitroulopoulos,

We have received your Freedom of Information request and will endeavour to respond within 20 working days.

Kind regards,

Angharad Fortgang
Information Compliance Manager

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Fortgang, Angharad, King's College London

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Dear Mr Dimitroulopoulos,


Please find our response to your Freedom of Information request below:


 1. Details of KCL’s contextualised admissions policy can be seen in
Section 8 of the Undergraduate Admissions Policy (attached).


 2. Any contextualised offers for UG Law made were according to our K+ and
Realising Opportunities programmes, details of both can be found on
our website (links below).

We cannot provide information on ‘typical’ offers, since all the offers
will be based on each individuals’ own contextual circumstances.







2015/6 2016/7 2017/8 2018/9
Number of contextual offers made across all UG
Law courses* 0 2 6 7



*All UG Law courses includes:

Politics, Philosophy & Law LLB
English Law & French Law LLB
English Law & German Law LLB
English Law & Spanish Law LLB
English Law & Hong Kong Law LLB


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Angharad Fortgang

Information Compliance Manager








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