Updated list of COMAH sites for Scotland, lower and upper tier, with coordinates

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Dear Health and Safety Executive,

Could you please send me the most updated list of Upper and Lower-Tier COMAH Establishments in Scotland, including the geographic coordinates for each site? Unfortunately the postcode information is not precisely enough for my level of analysis.

Yours faithfully, many thanks
Marta Ponti
PhD student at Strathclyde

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             Thank you for your request, copied below. Please find
attached your requested information on Upper and Lower Tier COMAH
Establishments in Scotland. This information has been supplied in
accordance with our Security Services guidance on release.


We don’t hold the ‘geographic coordinates for each site’ per se. The
information has been derived from the postcode supplied by the Operator. I
recommend you use a batch conversion tool such as
[1]https://gridreferencefinder.com/postcode... (others are
available) to help you establish the precision you need. If this is not
precise enough I suggest you contact each of the Planning Dept’s of the
Local Authorities for their records on the matter.


The HSE webpages now contain a search function for COMAH establishments.
This function is intended to provide more information to the public
regarding the establishments in their surrounding area.




Paul Jones

Health and Safety Executive

Chemicals, Explosives and Microbiological Hazards Division

contact me @ - Paul. jones @ hse. gov. uk (remove the spaces)

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