University policies on gender-based violence, sexual misconduct, violence, bullying and harassment

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Dear University of Bedfordshire,

I am part of a research team at the University of Lincoln looking at policies on gender-based violence in UK universities.

The researchers will analyse existing gender-based violence policies across the UK HE sector. One output of the research will be a user-friendly set of recommendations for practitioners on constructing effective policies, which we trust will be of benefit to your institution and your student communities.

We request that you share with us any and all policies your institution has which address issues of gender-based violence or sexual misconduct, including misconduct among students and between staff and students.

We understand gender-based violence as behaviour or attitudes underpinned by inequitable power relations that hurt, threaten or undermine people because of their (perceived) gender or sexuality. Gender-based violence includes a continuum of behaviours and attitudes both online and offline, such as domestic violence, sexual violence, sexist harassment, and homo/transphobia.

If your university does not have specific gender-based violence and/or sexual misconduct policies, please share your closest relevant policies. Relevant policies include all those which would be used in the event that a member of the university community made a complaint relating to any aspect of gender-based violence (see definition above). If you have any queries about what constitutes a relevant policy, please contact us.

Participants are asked to share relevant policies from their institution in a Word or PDF format.

This project has been assessed by the independent University of Lincoln Research Ethics committee, to protect your interests. The intention of the research is not to ‘name and shame’ institutions, but rather to improve responses to gender-based violence within higher education. Examples of best practice will be shared, but institutions will only be named with permission.

We are aware that you are very busy and greatly appreciate your participation. We hope that the outcomes of this research will benefit the sector, including your institution, and will of course keep you informed about the final report in case it is of interest.

Yours faithfully,

Nicola Chanamuto

Legal Office, University of Bedfordshire

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University of Bedfordshire

Dear University of Bedfordshire,

I would like to follow up on my request for information regarding which policies would be used by the University in the event of an incident of alleged gender-based violence. We are still very keen to involve the University of Bedfordshire in our research.

Many thanks,
Nicola Chanamuto

Legal Office, University of Bedfordshire

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Dear Nicola,

Apologies, we thought you had received this. Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information Request.

Kind Regards
Legal Office

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