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Dear Office for Disability Issues,

This is an FOIA request

What recorded information do you have on the following :-

1. How many DWP Staff have received full training on the
United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with
Disabilities (UNCRD). Please provide Statistics
2. Do they fully understand the implications of violations
of The UNCRPD? For example they may be faced with
many lawsuits against them especially the most arrogant
ones of whom we will name eventually.
3. When DWP Staff suspend benefits do they not realize the
devastation they cause to vulnerable disabled people such
as subjecting them to Heart Attacks?
4. Do we know live in an uncaring society?
5. What has happened to so called civilized UK?
6.If disabled people make a mistake filling in forms
then why are they severely punished by suspending
their benefits?
7. It seems the UNCRPD is destined for failure in the UK
8. There will be plenty of "Shadow Reports" sent to
the United Nations Disability Rights Committee.
That is inevitable due to the conduct of the UK
9. Busy times lay ahead for the ODI

Yours faithfully,


DWP Fulfilling Potential, Office for Disability Issues

Thank you for your email.

The Office for Disability Issues is part of the Department for Work and Pensions and requests under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act should be sent to the DWP at the following email address:
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