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[Name Removed] (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear General Medical Council,

On page 5 of the document "Securing the licence to practise: introducing a Medical Licensing Assessment", it is stated that "Also, the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance (MSCAA) has been researching the extent of variation in the standards set by UK medical schools for written finals as well as the diversity in their methods and processes for testing students’ clinical skills. "

I am therefore requesting:
- full references of the papers used to make this statement.
- copies of all papers used to support this statement.

Yours faithfully,

Rosanna Holdsworth.

FOI, General Medical Council

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FOI, General Medical Council

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Matthew McCoig-Lees (0161 923 6579), General Medical Council

Dear [Name Removed]


I write further to previous correspondence. I have considered your request
under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000.


The academic paper which supports the statement you enquire about is
[1]“Variation in passing standards for graduation‐level knowledge items at
UK medical schools.”


It has been published in the Journal Medical Education Vol 51 Issue 6 in
June 2017 pp.612-620. The document can be accessed via John Wiley & Sons.


This document is reasonably assessable and as such I believe an exemption
applies to this information, which means that we do not need to provide
it. I have provided more information on this below.




Section 21 of the FOIA applies where the information is already reasonably
accessible to the requester, even where a charge may be applicable.


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Information Commissioner, the regulator of the FOIA and DPA – we can
provide more details about this if you need them.


Kind Regards




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