UK Residents fleeing the UK to avoid their children being unlawfully kidnaped or stolen by social services and the secret family courts, effectively become a refugee

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Dear Home Office,

UK Residents fleeing the UK to avoid their children being unlawfully kidnaped or stolen by social services and the secret family courts, effectively become a refugee

A member of my research team passed me an article regarding the injustice within the secret family courts.

I refer to item 14 within the link;-

“Parents have been fleeing the country for years, effectively becoming refugees.”

I write this request with personal knowledge of this mater due to a member of my research team and a friend fled from the UK to Ireland due to social services trying to remove her child because the child needed an operation, social services said the mother forced NHS surgeons to carry out an operation, social workers believing to have the medical knowledge of the NHS surgeons. Absolute ludicrous.

We have another case where social services are trying to remove a child from the mother due to an accidental electrical fire in her house, social services are refusing to accept the Fire Brigades investigation and said the fire was caused by the mothers alleged “mental health”; social workers diagnosing her, despite being unqualified to diagnose her, after she reported suspected abuse. Social workers believing that they know more than a fire investigator. The child, 13, has reported to the police that social workers have been intimidating her to falsely incriminate her mother. The parent has no option but to flee the country. Discussing.

There are lots of other cases I know and cannot mention them all within this FOI.

Mr John Hemming has also spoken out and you will be aware of his several Early Day Motions, one here of 59 people representing 30 different countries expressing concerns of injustice within our courts.

1. Under the Freedom of Information we would like to know how many people have fled the UK due to intimidation, corruption, injustice or the like from social services or the family courts?
2. Please can you tell us if someone fleeing the UK due to the UK authorities unjustly removing their children would be classed as a political prisoner, refugee or both?
3. Please can you tell us what county(s) are a safe haven for parents fleeing from the UK and its regime of removing children from parents for the most ludicrous reasons (such as a parent reporting suspected abuse or a child having medical conditions, social workers being vexatious or showing discrimination, or social workers making false accusations and family courts routinely ignoring evidence of authorities lying)

Please go as far back as possible to coincide with FOI limits

Yours faithfully,

S. Prichard

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I support many such cases with free advice based on my experience over a decade. multii agents working together, many police have expressed concerns re social workers behaviours and false reporting, guardians working in tandem with Social Workers etc. if a fire report says accidental, what remit do SW have to bring into question someone's MH? Stitch ups are prevelent from what I am whittnessing.Families are fleeing on the advice of an MP , this is a real tragedy of industrial proportions I mio

Home Office

Mr S Pritchard,

Reference : T6175/14

Date: 22-May-2014


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