Trustpilot review flagged

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn wedi cael ei oedi. Yn ôl y gyfraith, dylai Legal Ombudsman fel arfer wedi ymateb yn brydlon a erbyn (manylion)

Anthony John Monks

I received an email from trustpilot on 31/05/21 requesting I censor names from my review about the Legal Ombudsman. I refused and trustpilot censored my review on 03/06/21 as it had been flagged.

Did the Legal Ombudsman flag my review?

My trustpilot review -

"Repellent organisation

"Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rules

If (at any stage after the Legal Ombudsman receives a complaint) an ombudsman considers that the complaint discloses any alleged misconduct about which the relevant Approved Regulator should consider action against the authorised person, the ombudsman:

a) will tell the relevant Approved Regulator"...

I sent a complaint to (legal ombudsman) service complaints on 13/07/20 and sent an updated complaint on 14/07/20.

Senior Ombudsman Sam Argyle replied to my 14/07/20 complaint email on 16/07/20 (and ignored the obvious misconduct in front of her eyes).

09/02/21 email from Ombudsman Jodie Handley -

"Scheme Rule 5.59 explains that an ombudsman can make a misconduct referral at any stage in an investigation, but that would require an ombudsman to review the complaint about the service provider".

How about that for dishonesty? An Ombudsman who doesn't know the Legal Ombudsman's scheme rules.

Ombudsman Jodie Handley refuses to answer whether Philip Nielsen, a Legal Ombudsman investigator including a letter from "the firm" in his evidence which I did not receive from "the firm" is legal. A yes or no answer is required but that's too much to ask of Ombudsman Jodie Handley.

The Legal Ombudsman's new Chief Ombudsman Paul McFadden appears to have been employed solely to be paid. The Man will not respond to a single email.

Investigator James Beech who doesn't think a misconduct referral is required when he is informed an SRA regulated solicitor and East Midlands Employment Judge Britton were both told an incorrect contract of employment was included in the preliminary hearing bundle by the SRA regulated solicitor and both solicitor and Judge ignored that fact.

Customer Experience Specialist Kristianne James who told me an email of mine had been escalated to former acting Chief Ombudsman Mariette Hughes only for me to later find out via subject access request that Ms James escalated no email to the former ACO. Ms James contacted the Deputy Chief Ombudsman Steven Pearson twice and not the former ACO. Ombudsman Jodie Handley then joined in on the fun by backing up Ms James' lie. Apparently Mr Pearson responded verbally to Ms James' two emails; how convenient.

Elisabeth Davies, Chair of the Office for Legal Complaints should be disgusted with herself as the Legal Ombudsman is a petri dish of garbage".


Anthony John Monks

Information Rights & Security, Legal Ombudsman

Thank you for your email.

If your request pertains to Subject Access Request under the Data
Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2016, we
will process your request within 1 calendar month.

If your request pertains to Freedom of Information request under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000, we will process your request within 20
working days.

If additional information is required to process your request, we will
contact you for further details.

Kind regards,

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business reasons.

Email I received earlier this morning -

"Delayed response to your FOI request - Trustpilot review flagged
Legal Ombudsman have delayed.
They have not replied to your FOI request Trustpilot review flagged promptly, as normally required by law".

Ignoring the law. As I've said numerous times, the LeO should be shut down!

Anthony John Monks