Traffic Regulation Orders for Cambridge

Yn disgwyl am adolygiad mewnol gan Cambridgeshire County Council o'u triniaeth o'r cais hwn.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please could you give me a list of all Traffic Regulation Orders currently in force that affect any part of the city of Cambridge. There is no need to include in the list any TRO currently listed on your Web pages at <>.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Harris

Blackburn Tamar, Cambridgeshire County Council

1 Atodiad

Dear Mr Harris,

Please find attached the response to your request for information
received on 16 January.


Tamar Blackburn
ECS Business Support

<<Microsoft Word - Ben Harris_Ref_199704.pdf>>
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Gadawodd Ben Harris anodiad ()

I've requested a copy of the first of these (which a little Googling suggests covers the city centre) at <>.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I would like to request a review of the information released by the County Council in response to my request for information dated 16th January 2009, reference FOI/ECS/Ref. 199704. I shall send copies of this review request both by email and by post.

The history of the request can be seen at <>. I asked for "a list of all Traffic Regulation Orders currently in force that affect any part of the city of Cambridge," but mentioned that there was no need to include those listed at the time on the County Council's Web site at <>, a page which has since been removed.

At the time of the request, the lists on that page mentioned two Orders relevant to Cambridge, the Cambridgeshire County Council (Bridge Street Area, Cambridge) Order 1998 and the Cambridgeshire County Council (Cambridge Road, Milton and Cowley Road, Cambridge) (Prohibition of Driving) Order 2002. The County Council's response to my request for information listed ten further Orders, each qualified by "and associated amendments". I believe that this response was inadequate in two ways.

The first inadequacy lies in the phrase "and associated amendments". This is not a list of Orders, but a description of them. The response should have listed all of the amending Orders encompassed by that description.

The second inadequacy is that, even allowing a fairly generous definition of "associated amendments", there appear to have been some relevant Orders that were not in the list. For instance, The County of Cambridgeshire (Cowley Road-Milton Road Bus Link, Cambridge) (Prohibition of Entry) Order 1993 and the Cambridgeshire County Council (Windsor Road) (Width Restriction) Order 2006 both appear still to be in force and neither could be considered an "associated amendment" of another order.

I hope that the consequence of this review will be the County Council's release of a complete list of Traffic Regulation Orders in force on 16th January 2009 that affected any part of the city of Cambridge, with the exception of the 1998 and 2002 Orders listed above.

Ben Harris

Gadawodd Ben Harris anodiad ()

Paper copy posted today in good time for the last collection.