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Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Big Lottery Fund,

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, I wish to make a request for the following information from the Big Lottery Fund:

1. Is the Big Lottery Fund currently paying money to any trade union, either through donations or contracts?
2. Has the Big Lottery Fund paid any money to trade unions or held any contract with a trade union since 1997?
3. If so, in what form has the Big Lottery Fund given money to, or is giving money to, trade unions?
4. Which trade unions have received or are receiving money through donations or contracts?
5. How much money has been paid to each of these trade unions, either in donations or contracts, and when was the money paid?
6. How much money does the Big Lottery Fund expect to give each trade union this year?

Many thanks in advance for considering this request.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Blackmann

Freedom of Information,

1 Atodiad

Dear Ms Blackmann

Please find attached our response to your FOI request.

Your reference number is FOI002-0027.

Yours sincerely

Punim Anda

Head of Information Governance

Big Lottery Fund

Tel: 020 7211 3736

[mobile number]

[1]Arts Council England and Big Lottery Fund operate shared legal

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