Trade Union Related Disciplinary Information

Scottish Prison Service Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Scottish Prison Service,

Under FOISA I am requesting the following information in: your records:

Since 1st April 2014 until present date, please provide the total number of disciplinary allegations or allegations that could have the potential to be investigated under your disciplinary policy and procedures that any member of SPS management group have instigated against any trade union representative/steward including but not limited to known trade union members that actively supportive of their trade unions known to management but may not have an official position. To be clear I am not requesting the average TU subscription paying member.

Please break this figure down year on year until present date?

Please also break this figure down by the trade union they represent?

In addition to the above information please provide how many of these instigated allegations went to an investigation stage?

Of that amount please advise how many went to a formal disciplinary procedure and what type of disciplinary action was issued on each occasion (if any) in terms of your own policy and procedure such as No Action, Written Warning, Final Written Warning, etc.

In addition to this information given, please break down the figures into how many individual trade union reps and/or stewards who have in the least had a potential disciplinary allegation instigated against them. Personal information is not required.

Please supply this information in electronic format, acknowledge receipt of this request and supply a full and frank disclosure within the statutory 20 day timescale.

Yours faithfully,

Ms S Kean

Gaolinfo, Scottish Prison Service

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