Town and Country Planning Act 1990 section 215

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear South Kesteven District Council,


Re: Town and Country Planning Act 1990 section 215

Dear Sirs

Could you please provide the following information under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000:

In each of the last 5 calendar years and in the year to date
(reporting each year separately):

a) How many complaints has the Council received in respect of
properties where one potential response to the complaint would be
the issue of a section 215 notice or the issue of a warning letter
prior to the issue of a section 215 notice
b) How many warning letters were the Council minded to issue
c) How many warning letters were issued
d) How many section 215 notices has the Council issued
e) Of those section 215 notices issued, how many have been
f) What is the current status of the section 215 notices issued
(resolved/outstanding/appealed/ etc)
g) What is the Councils budget in respect of section 215 notices
for each year and what was the expenditure actually incurred for
each year
h) How many days of officer’s time has been taken up considering
and dealing with section 215 notices and consideration of matters
where a section 215 notice may be an appropriate response
i) Was the issue of section 215 notices subject to the Scheme of
Delegation for each of those years, and if so, to whom was the
power to issue section 215 notices delegated
j) Has the Council at any time in committee or sub-committee
debated or considered its policy on section 215 notices and could
you provide copies of any minutes where a section 215 notice is

Please provide a copy of the Council’s currently agreed policy on
section 215 notices and the date and copies of the minutes of the
meeting where this policy was adopted.

Please provide a copy of the Planning Enforcement register for each
of the last five calendar years and the year to date.

Yours faithfully,

Peter C. Bell

CLARE RICHARDSON, South Kesteven District Council

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Dear Mr Bell
Thank you for your request for information which has been logged and is acknowledged. Your request is being processed by the relevant service area who will contact you direct in due course.

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Sylvia Bland, South Kesteven District Council

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Dear Mr Bell


Attached  is the Council’s response to your Freedom of Information Request
(ref: FOI_07088).







Sylvia Bland

Principal Planning Officer

South Kesteven District Council

Council Offices, St Peter's Hill

Grantham, Lincs NG31 6PZ

tel: 01476 406080 ext6388

email: [email address]


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