Tobacco investments held by local authority pension fund

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Dear Fylde Borough Council,

I am seeking information about the value of the local authority pension fund’s investment in tobacco shares and bonds, as well as the income from those investments. Please provide whatever answers you can to the following.

1. What is the most recent available value of the local authority's pension fund?

2. What is the value of the fund’s directly-held investment in shares or bonds of the following companies: British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Japan Tobacco International, Altria Group Inc, Philip Morris International, Universal Corp, Alliance One International?

3. What is the total combined value of the fund’s directly-held investments in the companies named above?

4. What income did the fund receive from these investments in the last 12-month period for which records are available?

5. Does the fund have any other investments in tobacco via pooled investments? What is the value of these?

6. What is the local authority’s annual spend on smoking-related illness?

7. Please supply the number of deaths attributable to smoking in the local authority areas covered by your pension fund. Your Director of Public Health or equivalent should be able to supply this figure.

If you require clarification on any of the above questions, please get in touch on 0203 353 3616, or 07415154041 or email me at [email address]

Yours faithfully,

Rob Davies

Gary Pangburn, Fylde Borough Council

Dear Mr Davies

Thank you for your request for information. Fylde Council employees subscribe to the Lancashire Pension Fund and please refer your request to them at [email address]. Alternatively, information can be downloaded from their website at

Kind regards

Gary Pangburn
Legal Officer
Fylde Borough Council

DDI: 01253 658509
Main: 01253 658658

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