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Tile Hill

Mr Brand made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive

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Dear West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive,

This is a Freedom of Information Request within the meaning of the relevant legislation.

In September 2014, WMPTE, trading as Centro, signed a contract with Vehicle Control Services Ltd to enforce parking restrictions at Tile Hill station car park.

Please answer on the basis of i) responding as from the date of 1.1.2017 ii) responding by specifying what has changed since 1.1.17
1) On what legal basis does Centro believe these Bylaws can be extended to Centro.
2) In terms of Tile Hill Station Car Park, please define the areas where Cento believes the railway bylaws apply, and, if relevant, the areas to which the bylaws do not apply.
3) If there are any areas where Centro believes the bylaws do not apply, why does signage at the car park(s)refer to the bylaws?
4) Please provide a copy of the Parking Service Contract with Vehicle Control Services Ltd relating to this station, including and specifically identifying any terms that allow VCS to issue proceedings as Centro's agent under the bylaws or otherwise as appropriate.

This enquiry is not exceptional, and should need no more than the statutory period for a full response.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

S Brand


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Dear Mr Brand


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Yours sincerely




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