The £40 million failed (Rise) project in Cllr. Wendy Simon's ward Kensington we want answers please

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Dear Liverpool City Council,
The £40 million failed (Rise) project in Cllr. Wendy Simon's ward Kensington

Please under the freedom of Information act.

1. Now supply the reason as to why the new acting Mayor (Wendy Simon) had taken a donation of over £1.900 from Kerry Tomlinson of the failed company (Primesite) with regards to his failed £40 million site in her (Wendy Simon's ward) did she record this payment and disclose this to the LCC and to the Mayor Joe Anderson, was he told of this payment?

2. Why would Cllr Wendy Simon, be linked or involved with this person (Tomlinson) can the LCC explain this to the public?

3. Why when told of his scam in the (Rise Building) did she keep this information under the carpet or not expose this to the Police/ SFO/NCA?

The Liverpool Echo reporter also knew (Liam Thorp) yet both her and him kept silence.

This information will go to Mr. Max Caller and we are asking for a new investigation into this and Fox Street Village and into Cllr. J. Calvert (who is the Mayor's daughter (Joe Anderson)

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Roberts

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Roberts


Please see attached our response to your information request.




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