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The Liverpool Echo reporter (Emilia Bona & Cllr. Hanson in Cover-up The Tannery scam Vauxhall

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Cc: To: Max Caller's staff.

1. Please provide the following information on the failed Tannery development site that was never there.

In 2018 the Liverpool Echo ran a wonderful story (Fake) on how it had a breath-taking roof garden?

First look inside luxury new city centre flats in former leather factory
'The Tannery' is set to open next year - with plans for a breath-taking roof garden.

By Emilia Bona Content Editor LIVERPOOL ECHO 14 MAR 2019

2. Why did a Liverpool city councilor acting for Vauxhall not try to whistle- blow or act when told of this scam (The Tannery) that councilor was Cllr Joe Hanson in 2019, both he and the other two councilors of his ward knew of this yet all three failed to act, has the Liverpool city council kept all and any records on this or investigated this site?

The Liverpool Echo reporter (Emilia Bona) was called, and she had admitted she had never been to the Tannery or the breath- taking roof garden, in fact what she did say was she had had calls from investors who had been ripped -off.

3. Emilia Bona was asked to pass this information to Cllr. Joe Hanson and copy in Cllr. Kennedy who could investigate this along with another site in the Vauxhall ward, has the council kept any past records on this?

Now March 25th, 2021 a number of very up-set investors are coming forward demanding answers from both the Liverpool Echo (Emilia Bona) who it seems could of exposed this scam by re-printing her story and Cllr Hanson could have helped her to expose this scam, both did nothing.

4. Can our Liverpool city council provide any information as to the actions of these councilors being linked to this project (Tannery) that was never there?

Cllr Hanson in 2019 had said he knew of Neil Carlyle, and then said he knows ‘Tony Kenny’ of ‘The Tannery (Liverpool) Ltd and that it was then set up as this company ‘Vinco Group Ltd.

5. Will the Liverpool city council please investigate these Vauxhall councilors and any moonlighting links Cllr Hanson may have been linked to in the past? the following agents or players in this scam The Tannery are:

1a] David Phillips interiors Manchester Off- plan interiors for £7,000 plus

2b] Vino Group Ltd

3c] Nova financial London the selling agents for the; Tannery’ Liverpool.

4d] Excello Law Ltd the law company for the ‘Tannery’ and Vinco group

5e] All church property lawyers were acting for the investors now designed to do a runner with the payments and shut down.

6. If any of these Vauxhall so called councilors are involved in this the council needs to expose this and pass to Mr. Max Caller to further investigate.

As for these new investors coming forward if it were not for the actions of 'Mr. Max Caller' and the [CH 4 News] last week helping to expose the corruption within the Liverpool city council, these investors would never have discovered the inner corruption within the council and councilors who for years have lived like fat cats off these developers.

As for [Emilia Bona] she needs to be questioned, if not sacked her story went all over the internet as fact, backed by the Local Liverpool Echo, and buyers trusted this newspaper to tell them this site was safe, as for Emilia Bona and Cllr. Hanson both knew it was never safe.

It was a con job and all information sent to both of these persons was hid put to one side while the con game went on all over Vauxhall, yet the council said nothing or the then 'Mayor' Mr. Joe Anderson who knew everything.
Eldon Grove
The Metalworks
The new Blackstock Street site in which both the Echo and Cllr. Hanson has blanked over £128 million in failed sites in just Vauxhall alone.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Roberts

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Roberts


Please see attached our response to your information request.




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