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Peter Barraclough

Dear Insolvency Service,

On 22 March 2013 I made an FOI request. Please see the attached link.

I received an interim response to that request on 26 March 2013. I look forward to receiving a substantive response in due course.

However the interim response has caused me to submit this further FOI request. Please would you be able to tell me,

1. The date upon which the Insolvency Service discontinued the title 'Inspector of Companies?

2. The number of Section 447 Companies Act authorities signed since that date by an individual using the title, on the respective authorities, of 'Inspector of Companies' or 'Deputy Inspector of Companies'.

Thank you for your continued assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Barraclough

Dugald.Jaffray, Insolvency Service

Dear Mr Barraclough

Thank you for your e mail of 3 April 2013 sent to the FOI inbox of the
Insolvency Service.

The title of Inspector of Companies was officially discontinued on 1
April 2013 but had not been used since 20 October 2012 following the
retirement of the last person to use the title.

There were 130 section 447 authorities signed between 20 October 2012
and 31 March 2013. The authorities were signed by one or other of the
two Deputy Inspector of Companies. From 1 April 2013 the title of
Deputy Inspector of Companies has also been discontinued.

Dugald Jaffray

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