The Inquest into my sister's death.

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Dear Cambridgeshire Coroner's Office,
My sister took too many of her prescribed drugs, and died in my home while I was out at work.
I think it was an open verdict. The Coroner mentioned to me that her Thyroid Gland had shrunk to a dangerously low level. I would like to have a copy of his report.
I think her death occurred in the summer of1986, possibly August.
Her name was Angela Cecily BELLEWES, and her date of birth was 27th August 1938.
Her address at the time of her death was 17, Kendal Way, CAMBRIDGE.
I am concerned about the medical neglect that led to her death regarding the ease with which she could obtain medication without supervision, and about the condition of her Thyroid. The family history of this problem should have prompted closer supervision.

Yours faithfully,

Mary Farmer (Mrs).

Coroners, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Coroner Service

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