Dear Halton Borough Council,

If Halton BC is abolished and merged into other authorities. Will all Halton go into Merseyside or will some go into Warrington.

As Norton North ward is closer to Warrington than Liverpool. Will residents of Norton North have a say as to which authority they will be going into.

Yours faithfully,

James A Owen

Halton Borough Council

Dear James

Thank you for your Freedom of Information enquiry. The enquiry has been logged on our system and is being dealt with.

The case number is shown in the subject line of the e-mail.

Should you have any further queries please quote this reference number.

Please use [Halton Borough Council request email] for any further correspondence.

Thank You

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Mark Reaney, Halton Borough Council

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your request.

I’m afraid it doesn’t fall within the scope of the Freedom of Information

There are no such proposals and the Council does not hold recorded

Yours faithfully


Mark Reaney

Operational Director – Legal & Democratic Services

Enterprise Community & Resources Directorate

Halton Borough Council

Municipal Building








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