Testing of fracking waste flowback at FCC

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Dear Environment Agency,

I understand that FCC Environment/Recycling located at Knostrop Sewage Works in Leeds has treated some of the frack waste flowback from Cuadrilla's fracking operations at Preston New Road. Please can you confirm that the flowback was tested by FCC before being treated and what this flowback consisted of in terms of chemical, radiological (NORM's) and metals analysis and at what levels? Please provide detailed reports of this testing.

Please can you confirm that the effluent was tested by FCC after they treated the flowback and discharged it to Yorkshire Water via the sewer. Please provide a detailed chemical, radiological and metals analysis of this testing.

Can you confirm if FCC to date has treated any frack waste flowback from any other fracking sites in the UK?

Yours faithfully,

Shelley Firth

Enquiries, Unit, Environment Agency

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Enquiries, Unit, Environment Agency

Dear Shelley,

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Yorkshire Oil and Gas, Environment Agency

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Dear Ms Firth,

Thank you for your email.

The Environment Agency carried out an Environmental Permit compliance audit at the FCC Recycling (UK) Ltd Knostrop Waste Treatment Facility on 10/01/2019 which included inspection of the operator’s procedures and records in relation to the acceptance, testing and treatment of wastes with the European Waste Classification (EWC) code 01 01 02 (wastes from mineral non-metalliferous excavation), which was the appropriate EWC code to assign to waste flow back fluid from Preston New Road. A copy of the compliance assessment report (CAR) form produced following this audit is attached. Copies of the records inspected during the audit were not taken.

The Environmental Permit for the Knostrop Waste Treatment Facility requires the submission of information in relation to total releases of substances to the sewer, but does not require submission of composition analysis results for each load of waste received and treated. The Environment Agency does not hold copies FCC Recycling (UK) Ltd’s analysis results of pre-treatment or post- treatment sampling of waste flowback fluid from Cuadrilla's fracking operations at Preston New Road.

FCC Recycling (UK) Ltd Knostrop has not to date treated fracking flowback fluid from any sites other than Cuadrilla Preston New Road.

Yours sincerely

Yorkshire Oil and Gas Team

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