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Dear Blackpool Coastal Housing,

Please could you tell me what information does a tennancy audit collect and what it's used for? Can i request this info under data protection act?

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Case

Dear Blackpool Coastal Housing,

Since this is only the first time, i'm sending a reminder to Blackpool coastal Housing that they are breaking the law by not responding promptly and definently within 20 days. My origional request was on 3rd June, you had until 1st of July, by law, to reply, you failed. I will enclose my origional request, please can you reply as soon as possible, or i may have to take further action.

Please could you tell me what information does a tennancy audit collect and what it's used for? Can i request this info under data protection act?

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Case

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Dear Sir,




I would like to apologise for this request being completed out of target


Thank you for your enquiry dated 02^nd June 2016. Blackpool Coastal
Housing is an Arms Length Management Organisation and we manage Blackpool
Council’s stock on their behalf. I am writing to confirm that we have now
completed our search for the information requested as follows.


1.       Please could you tell me what information does a tenancy audit
collect and what it's used for?


In summary, the purpose of the tenancy audit is to identify breaches of
tenancy or potential breaches. The audit is also used to confirm that the
detail of both tenants and household members is correctly recorded on our
system.  During the audit, the Officer will:


•           Ensure that tenants understand their obligations of tenancy
and comply with tenancy conditions.

•           Identify and act upon any tenancy support requirements
maximising the opportunities for sustainability.

•           Promote the services of Blackpool Coastal Housing acting on
behalf of Blackpool Council.

•           Ensure that Blackpool Coastal Housing (acting on behalf of
Blackpool Council) holds accurate and up to date records about tenants.


It is important that BCH understands the profile of its customers so that
we can tailor our services accordingly. For example, if a tenant has
become disabled without our knowledge and the property is no longer
suitable, then the audit allows us to find this out so we can assist by
making an adaptation or moving the tenant to a new home that fits their
needs. The audit also allows us to find out other things about our
customers such as their religious beliefs. This again helps us to tailor
our service appropriately in order to meet the needs of our customers.
However, with sensitive questions like this , customers are under no
obligation to answer.


During the audit the officer will also look to identify if the tenants are
adhering to the terms of their tenancy agreement.  One of the biggest
issues that officers find is regarding property condition. The tenancy
agreement states under 6.5 " You must keep your property clean and tidy
and make sure that all decoration inside your home is in good condition". 
Often, when we enter a home and it is not of the expected standard we will
advise  accordingly and then work with the tenants to make the property


The tenancy audit is good for both BCH and its customers. If we have a
better understanding of who are customers are then we can provide better


            I also attach the tenancy audit procedure, form and letters.
If you cannot open these documents please inform me and I shall send them
in a format that you can access.


Not all of the information that BCH supplies to you that is subject to
copyright, will be BCH copyright. You should seek consent from BCH or the
copyright holder as appropriate. If you wish to reuse the information
supplied you should contact BCH for advice on this.


If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request you may ask for
an internal review and you should submit this in writing to: FOI Internal
Review, Blackpool Coastal Housing, Coastal House, 17-19 Abingdon Street,
Blackpool, FY1 1DG. Your request for internal review should be submitted
within 40 working days of receipt by you of this response.


If you are not happy with the outcome of the review, you have the right to
apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. You can
contact the Information Commissioner at: You can contact the Information
Commissioner at: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water
Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, ([1]www.ico.org.uk).


If you have any queries about this letter you can contact me, or write to
Blackpool Coastal Housing at the address above, or email us at
[2][Blackpool Coastal Housing request email] . Please remember to quote our reference number
when you contact us.


Yours faithfully,



Data Protection & Freedom of Information Officer

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