Taxis booked for railway passengers.

Matthew Jackson made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Northern Trains Limited

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Dear Northern Trains Limited,

I require a full list of all taxis that have booked by you for your railway passengers in the past twelve months.

The list should include:

• original station of the taxi journey

• destination station of the taxi journey

• date

• time

• amount of passengers in the taxi

• reason for booking the taxi

• taxi company that was used

• taxi cost that you paid

If for any reason you are unable to go back twelve months then just go back as far as you are able to go.

Note i am only solely asking about taxis booked for passengers and i do not require details of taxis booked for your staff.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Jackson

SMB - FOI, Northern Trains Limited

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Hi Matthew,

Please find the attached response to the below FOI request.

Many thanks,

Freedom of Information, Northern Trains

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