Taxi and Private Hire licensing court appearences

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Horatio K Bromhead

Dear Glasgow City Council,

During the calendar year of 2014 ( excluding initial grant of licence ) please advise how many
1)taxi driver
2)private hire drivers
were cited to licensing court within Glasgow city chambers

Please advise a breakdown of reasons for appearances in general , and with a number in relation to that reason

Examples :
Lapse of licence 24
defective vehicle - 35
customer complaint - overcharging - 12
customer complaint - abusive - 3
customer complaint - smoking - 7
Excess driving licence points - 56
Plying for hire in breach of licence conditions - 12
other - 26

I do understand their may be some privacy issues with detailing specifics , however I do believe general categories should be acceptable , with a category of general "other" for more specific offences

Yours faithfully,

Horatio K Bromhead

Customer Care Centre, Glasgow City Council

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CED_FOI, Glasgow City Council

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Dear Mr Bromhead


Thank you for your email received on 19 March 2015 requesting information
under the Freedom of Information Act.


Please find attached your response


Yours sincerely




Ayshea Brown
Team Manager


Glasgow - Local Government Chronicle UK Council of the Year 2015

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