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Dear Liverpool City Council,

Sue Grindrod raises fresh questions with her involvement at GGSD Ltd (Great George Street Development Ltd)

a) Please explain as to why our Liverpool city council still has not asked for the long overdue 106 fees from Liverpool Chinatown (GGSD) and from Chinatown Town Development Company Ltd?
GGSD had its Liverpool base at Avenue HQ 4 St Paul’s Square in March 2020 Neil Hunter and this company move out it was a pop-up desk only and never a full working office.

14th March 2019 - Investably took out a loan from Brick owner. [Mortgagor:
China Town Development Company Ltd

14th March 2019 - Great George St Developments took out a loan from Investably . [Mortgagor: China Town Development Company Ltd]

b) Why after these loans given to (GGSD) did not the Liverpool City Council ask for the full payment of £998,000 past due in 106 fees?
Sue Grindrod – Non Executive CEO of (GGSD) knew all about the past affairs with NPG Ltd and Chinatown Development Company, she was told of the SFO investigation, she is also a Director of (Liverpool Waterfront Business Partnership CIC) is known to the Mayor of Liverpool and many others in the Cunard building so how could this happen?


Sue Grindrod & Nick Kavanagh l Liverpool city council Officer
34 The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool

As of 7th October 2020 the buyers (Investors) are been offered only 25 cents on the Dollar.
Cllr Ann O’Byrne made a statement all the investors would be safe and get full refunds and the company (GGSD) backed her up is it more lies from Cllr O’Byrne

Yours faithfully,
Mr& Mrs Thomas

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Yours faithfully,


Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr & Mrs Thomas,


Please see attached our response to your recent information request.




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