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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Slough Borough Council.

Slough Times 01753-511911

Good Afternoon Slough Council,

(1) How many claims have been lodged against the council at employment tribunals in each of the following years?

(a) 2013
(b) 2014
(c) 2015
(d) 2016
(e) 2017 so far ?

Please clarify whether your data is English tax year related (April to March), English municipal year related (May to April) or Christian calendar year related (January to December).

(2) How many of these claims came from housing and neighbourhood services staff ?

(3) Since 1 January 2013, how many staff complaints about employment/work related issues were submitted by housing and neighbourhood services staff ?

(4) How many of the above mentioned employment tribunal claims were resolved:

(a) before a final hearing; and
(b) by the claimant withdrawing without a settlement ?

(5) What were the total costs, regardless whether funding was provided by an insurance policy, public funds or otherwise, of
the council defending employment tribunal claims in each of the following financial years:

(a) 2013-2014
(b) 2014-2015
(c) 2015-2016
(d) 2016-2017
(e) 2017-2018 ?

(6) How much money, regardless of the money's source, has the council spent in each of the following financial years

(a) 2013-2014
(b) 2014-2015
(c) 2015-2016
(d) 2016-2017
(e) 2017-2018


(AA) Compromise agreements; and
(BB) Compensation awarded to claimants by employment tribunals ?

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Mr Janik

FOI, Slough Borough Council

Thank you for your email.


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_Freedom of Information, Slough Borough Council

Hi Mr Paul Janik,

Please ensure you put your full name in any request for information, there are a few people logging requests at present and they may not know you.

Please accept this email as receipt of your FOI request which is now receiving attention.

SBC, FOI Officer

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Slough Times 01753-511911

I do not like replying to strange anonymous people.

There is nothing in the law compelling me to do as you want.

Gadawodd Mustafa Khan anodiad ()

The Council response is odd. Why are there so many interim staff at Slough Council doing jobs, can they not employ people permanently like other places?

_Freedom of Information, Slough Borough Council

Dear Mr Janik


Following discussions with the HR department, they have confirmed that
most of the information you have requested is not information which is
captured centrally or held and recorded in a reportable format.

As you are requesting information regarding staff going back 5 years HR
are unable to respond to most of your request within the time frame laid
down by the FOIA.


Please see below the information for Q6 .  I can confirm that in 2014-15
there were compromise agreement however there were no pay-outs


Financial Year Total Pay-out
2013-14 £               101,304.30
2014-15 -  
2015-16 £                   6,909.93
2016-17 £               101,100.50


Please accept this email as a partial notice of refusal under S12 of the
FOI Act.


Regards, SBC FOI Officer 







dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Slough Witch anodiad ()

How could the authority possibly claim not to have this information? It should be available in referrals to the legal team at the very least.

Gadawodd Mustafa Khan anodiad ()

Only £100k payout in the last year, so Chief Executive Ruth Bagley did not get too much money after all the others that were paid off.

Gadawodd Slough Swan anodiad ()

Good Evening,

Methinks the Bagley generous payment was defined differently so excluding it from the remit of your question Mr Janik.

You are mistaken believing you are dealing with ordinary people who activate section 16. Where did the GBP 270,000, or similar, come from? Why is it not showing-up? Another computer fault or a funding source (slush fund perhaps) that bypasses public scrutiny?