Statistics on the Use Of Psychometric Test Results in Family Court Decisions on Child Residency & Contact

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Dear General Council of the Bar,

Please can you tell me, in the UK Family Courts, since 2006:
1. How many Residency Orders have been granted in favour of one parent on the grounds that the other (non-resident) parent (NRP) has been "diagnosed" with "personality disorders" (PDs) based on the findings of a psychometric test?
2. What is the gender breakdown of those diagnosed?

In how many of these cases:
3. did the NRP dispute the diagnosis of PDs?
4. was unsupervised contact with a child refused on the grounds of diagnosed PDs?
5. was successful "treatment" for PDs obtained and received by the NRP?
6. was the a) unsupervised contact and b) collaborative parenting arrangements restored?
7. was "The MCMI-III Psychometric Test" used by the psychologists undertaking these tests?

Yours faithfully,

Joanne Allen

privacy, General Council of the Bar

Dear Ms Allen

The Bar Council is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as we are not a Public Authority as outlined in Schedule 1 of the Act. However, we try to respond to FOIA requests where possible in the spirit of the Act, and in the interests of transparency.

However, we cannot answer the questions you put in your request. This is not information that the Bar Council holds. I can only suggest that you try HM Courts and Tribunal Service who might be able to help you.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Pook
Data Protection Officer
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