Statistics on councillors registered as Landlords

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn wedi cael ei oedi. Yn ôl y gyfraith, dylai fel arfer wedi ymateb yn brydlon a erbyn (manylion)

Dear Lambeth Borough Council,

Please provide information regarding the number of Lambeth Councillors and Officers who are registered landlords. No personal information is required. What is requested is the number of councillors/officers registered as landlords in the borough. Additionally, I would like to know the number of those who have registered interests declared, as workers within the property sector, or those who own companies or consultancies relating to property acquisitions, development and planning. I would like a breakdown of the numbers for each type.

Yours faithfully,

Rebecca Newell

Jane Shields,

Information request
Our reference: IR237259


Request details:  Landlords .
We acknowledge receipt of your request for information that was received
on23 April 2018.

We are dealing with your request and aim to respond within 20 working
days, by 22 May 2018.
Thank you for your interest in Lambeth Council.
Yours sincerely
Freedom of Information Team
London Borough of Lambeth
E-mail: [Lambeth Borough Council request email]
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