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Diana Smith made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Land Registry

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Yn disgwyl am adolygiad mewnol gan Land Registry o'u triniaeth o'r cais hwn.

Dear Land Registry,
as someone aware of Land Registry being recorded as in breach of the Data Protection Act in my own case, and their still continuing only several weeks later in the matter of an error in the caution register that l had reported eleven years earlier; my question under the Freedom of Information Act is-
I request the statistics on cases referred to the judiary, in matters where a known and reported error caution exists, as a result of failures by Land Registry to comply with their own and Land Charges (Legal Services Commission) Privacy Statements?

Yours faithfully,
Diana Smith

Gadawodd Diana Smith anodiad ()

While recorded in breach of the DPA in August 2011, Land Registry continued to give away 50 acres of Agricultural Land on 7 th September 2011 and only supplied files for my information request in early October 2011 that had been redacted of all information regarding said fifty acres .
This is after l and helpers ( for l am registered disabled with limited mobility) were removed from a pre- booked appointment at Hull Land Registry on 1 st February 2011 by Humberside Police summoned by the CSM on a 999 call and while she was on report for her conduct to me in refusing information under the DPA.
This same CSM was investigated for her interference in telephoning my acting solicitors on 23 rd October 2007 and there is an admission of legal error from Land Registry for the failure to provide copy of declarations that were stated to be the sole basis of a paperless claim to land already confirmed by Hull Land Registry on the 15 th February
2007 as " lands" l owned and registered to me and " of no use to anyone else".
Release of files showed further defamation by the same CSM of my character and her published banter to colleagues that she owed God one for the Lightning Strike to my home. On 1 st February 2007 , not content with summoning the police, this CSM gathered eleven other members of staff to laugh and gloat as myself and my helpers including a fully trained CAB Generalist were removed. This is the mindless and out of control way our Land Registry Offices feel free to act, and confident that our Government will cover for the asset stripping of innocent property/ land owners of whom the Police Commissioner of Lincolnshire himself was a victim some 12 years ago

Dear Land Registry,
you are required by law to comply in this matter that is well recorded in correspondence / documents/files ( provided by yourselves & The Adjudicator to HM Land Registry) within the timelines set out for requests made under The Freedom of Information Act.
Failure to reply to my FOI request might be perceived to be evidence of maladministration in public office of the involved parties , that continued to not rectify the register for known / reported errors, and the fact even though Julius Juispais of the AHMLR advised my sending relevant paperwork together with the correct Land Registry Form to lodge the crucial information to allow rectification of the register ( already promised to me by Mark Lawson on 26/09/08), the paperwork / lodged form / cheque, was returned TWICE.
This was actions also advised to me by Land Registrys "technical team" on their customer support telephone number and the paperwork all being certified as advised by them and my naming the individuals that advised me in this respect.
Under The Supply of Goods and Service Act, and a request made under this Act on 1/06/11, I attended Peterborough Land Registry Offices and l remind you records of files held with my Registered Title, had been heavily redacted before l was allowed to inspect them.
Also on this date my own conveyance document that l had previously been informed to have been destroyed in a fire at the archives of my conveyance solicitor, was found that day to be in the possession of Mike Westcott-Rudd ( Land Registry's Corporate Lawyer) and someone who is not meant to involve himself in matters of registration?
Admittance by Kingston upon Hull Registry to failing in a point of law in not providing copy of required documents ( declarations of my neighbours for 1990 & 1993), prior to referral to the AHMLR and issues already on record to this already being a matter where a caution was in play that l was lawfully entitled to correction ( rectification of the register) for; and the fact l was lied to on my question to whether the vendors knew of aforementioned declarations for their own purchase ten months before my own conveyance and purchase, and this being denied by Assistant Land Registrar John Edon, who was also responsible for returning my validly sent forms / certified document copies TWICE.
John Edon in a phone call he made to me on 23 rd July 2009 , told me
" you must put in for a stay with the Adjudicator" in a matter that my acting solicitor advised me to inform Land Registry over, and that John Edon later went on record to his Line Manager ( Chief Registrar) to his holding Land Registry Head Office " in dereliction of their duty to Diana Smith", apparently as he had been directed by the HO to mislead me in the matter of the true owner of "the green strip" and Land Registry's maladministration in not contacting the owner at the start for an original adverse land possession claim that was solely for the land ( the green strip) , excepted by all parties for the hearing before the AHMLR to be owned by this person.
RECORD- all involved parties ( except the claimant) and numbering FOUR OTHER PARTIES were informed personally by myself of the actions regarding this claim, Land Registry failed on all counts and only contacted me over land ( the green strip) that l did not own, but they had told me l owned on 16/02/07, and for which their own original / certified/ documents/ forms for registered land record me as owning ( part of my registered title).
The time for contacting the owner of the green strip was for the claim to his land ( being already registered to me) and my disclosing his ownership to it in September 2007 and even more so on 26/09/08 when l personally provided my Title Deeds for Land Registry to copy and the errors / mistakes of Land Registry were totally admitted I this matter / claim and Mark Lawson promised me rectification of the register for mistakes l had been reporting since March 2000.

Yours faithfully,

Diana Smith

Sondh, Gurmale, Land Registry

Dear Ms Smith,


Thank you for your email dated 1 October 2014 requesting the following
information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000: -


"I request the statistics on cases referred to the judiciary, in matters
where a known and reported error caution exists, as a result of failures
by Land Registry to comply with their own and Land Charges (Legal Services
Commission) Privacy Statements?"


First of all I apologise for the delay in replying, partly due to my
having been away from the office and the request has been overlooked.


Our privacy statement can be found on our website
under the link on the right hand side of the screen entitled "personal
information charter".


Please note that we are not connected with the Legal Services Commission.
We could probably provide you with information on the number of cases
referred to the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry or the Property Tribunal.
However, I need to point out that an entry relating to a caution is there
to ensure that if a disposition is received relating to that title, then
notice is served on the cautioner and they have to then prove that they
have an interest in the property. The entry itself does not mean that the
cautioner has a valid interest. There would not, therefore, be an error on
the register if the Court concluded the cautioner did not have an interest
in the land.


I am therefore not able to answer your request as there is no connection
between caution disputes and our personal information charter.


Yours sincerely,


Gurmale Sondh
Senior Corporate Information Officer
Corporate Legal and Assurance Services
DD : 0300 006 7053
Email : [1][email address]

Land Registry Head Office, 4th Floor, Trafalgar House, 1 Bedford Park,
Croydon, CR0 2AQ
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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Sondh, Gurmale,
record shows there to be a connection between Land Registry and Legal Services Commission ( presently The Legal Aid Agency), and as it was files provided by yourself, can you please defend your position on this point?

Evelyn Holt in the office of Miriam Brown , directed me prior to the Land Registry Hearing before the AHMLR to inform the adjudicator of the previous problems involving Land Registry and LSC and it being related to the case before him.

There is adequate record of my informing the adjudicator and even though he was a commissioner for LSC and a barrister he failed in conducting his business honesty .

Ian Flowers at Land Registry Head Office ( Customer Services) and the Customer Services Manager Andrew Roberts, both directed me on 23 rd October 2007 to report the conduct that day of Claire Holland ( neeGraham) and her acting outside of her remit in having telephoned my solicitors.

It was because of her actions that day there was then non-disclosure to myself and four other contesting parties , of the declarations that was the " sole basis" of this " paperless claim ( Land Registrys own wording).

You deny there being an " error" in the caution register and yet Yvonne Owen confirmed the " Legal Aid Charge " for the cautioner and against my title /address, to be an "error" .

As this is the same "error" l flagged up with the supporting paperwork, then it is the same uncorrected error that has caused nineteen court hearings.

Mark Lawson in my pre-booked apointment with him on 26 th September 2008 admitted the whole thing was down to Land Registrys errors / mistakes and that he would rectify the register at no cost to myself.

It is abundantly clear that in a matter involving The Witness Protection Plan and involving someone from Ireland, staff at Land Registry have over - stepped themselves in a deliberate willing- blindness that they were doing the right thing.

The fact a total of five parties and their legal team have engineered Financial Enrichment of some 50 plus valuable acres of land and property, and in connection with the local planning office, and the apparent blessing of Land Registry, defies belief once it is known that the descendant of the protected person has never had any checks made to if she is who she says she is.

John Edon lied to me in 2007 saying these declarations had not surfaced when the vendors purchased Registered Title LL112066 in 1994 .

Knowledge by Land Registry is easily provable when the time running for the false claim after the land was confirmed to be my registered title, but Land Registry changing horse and saying it wasn't, was for the vendors ownership.

John Edon denied this was a new claim in 2007 when l pointed out the claim had increased from the claim of adverse possession of just the " green strip" to four pieces of land ( five including the 50 acres and property).

It is my perception that Land Registry has a " fabricated tale" for every eventuality and of course the famous unlawful disengagement process for those members of the public who refuse to lie down and take being stolen from.

Previously you yourself have promised me in writing " internal review",
only to ignore me when l lawfully requested it and to then turn around many months later and say it was something not offered.

The files provided with your signature to them and received by me in early October 2011, were redacted of the shenanakins of Land Registry giving the 50 acres and property away to cautioners on 7 th September 2011, and all done while the ruling of The Information Commissioners Office put Land Registry on record for failing to comply with a valid Data Protection Act Request of 21 st January 2011, that the ICO directed me to word exactly the same as my requesting this information under The DPA in March 2009.

For your records and putting you on notice :-
The Legal Aid Scheme is in place to assist the less well off and certain criteria's have to be proved before such funds are provided. Why then would Official Legal Aid Forms involving Community Legal Services be provided to someone who had just received £ 42,000.00p from a divorce settlement.
The sum of £50.00p of Legal Aid Funding for putting in play theft of property / land worth inaudinate monies ( possibly millions), and it being documents excepted for filing in the caution register, would never have come to light possibly, had l not been tipped off by being sent J--------- S---- file.
My discussion with Hull Land Registry on 27 th October 2002, that records the variations of my address and the urgency ( marked URGENT) to correct it and to contact me (" keep trying to contact Mrs Smith"), fails to mention my also reporting the error with the LSC reference . But that got corrected and not the address / village.
I put it to you that there is perhaps a fondness to shut the stable door after the horse has already bolted and yourself and Land Registry are doing no favours regarding the honesty in which you both conduct business.

The total of named people at LSC that in 2004 were aware of the problems l was having is forty- five. There was the involvement of my elected member of parliament in 2000 until present day.

Perhaps there is componding reasons for a review of Land Registrys Practises and Procedures where there is not the usual dominent Land Registry conducting matters?

I request in all promptness an appointment ( which Land Registry Customer Services cannot or will not give to me) to attend a Land Registry Office with my deeds / documents / paperwork, for correction / rectification to occur.

Treat this as a request for internal review and actions to bring about the following of guidelines in such cases

Yours sincerely,

Diana Smith

Sondh, Gurmale, Land Registry

Dear Ms Smith,

Thank you for your email dated 21 November 2014 (16:07) contents of which are noted. In the circumstances it is not appropriate to conduct an internal review. Our reply previously made on 21 November 2014 still applies.

Yours sincerely,

Senior Corporate Information Officer
Corporate Legal and Assurance Services
Land Registry Head Office, 4th Floor, Trafalgar House, 1 Bedford Park, Croydon, CR0 2AQ [2]GOV.UK | [3]@LandRegGov | [4]LinkedIn | [5]Facebook


dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Sondh, Gurmale,
as the appointed "Information Officer" how do you defend your position of The Information Commissioners Office being told no fee had been paid for my " Information Request?
On record is mine and Mr Murphys sight of an unpresented cheque in the file for Registered Title LL112066 on 3/06/2011, that " was / is" my own signed cheque.
Crucially the "Land Registration Act 2002, section 66 was changed to do with my case and Land Registry telling the ICO that no fee had been paid.
Land Registry Solicitors -
1) Miriam Brown
2) Jane Allen

both failed to come back to me , when contacted in March 2009 in the matter of my Data Protection Act Request.
More importantly my " Formal Subject Access Request" , under the DPA was directed and worded for me by The Head of Civil Bills at Legal Services Commission ( the LSC's , Legal Advisor in such matters) in March 2009.
How can someone who works directly with The Director of Legal & Governance at LSC , advise me in such an information request, when Land Registry were already advised to the identity of the Deputy Adjudicator, being the live in partner of said Director of Legal & Governance at LSC?
At a meeting with John Edon( Assistant Registrar), arranged by my MP ( Sir Peter Tapsell), l went on record pointing out the previous involvement of my already said MP and the fact l would ensure he remained involved until the matter of my already having the issues of the "Property / Land" confirmed by Yvonne Owen ( Hull Land Registry) to form part of my " Registered Title LL112066" and to be " of no use to anyone else" on 15/02/2007, were thoroughly investigated.
In a matter where an "error" ( also confirmed to be an error by Yvonne Owen on 15/02/2007 and a matter she promised she would correct) in the caution register had not been corrected , when it had been reported in March 2000, again on 27/10/2002 ( Land Registry's own Memorandum), and complaint letter sent to Hull Land Registry by Recorded Delivery in 2003; can you explain how a case with a known problem with a caution still being allowed in play, became a matter to conflict with Laws that state no such case could be referred to the Judiciary?
Not only did Land Registry pass such a case to The Adjudicator to HM Land Registry, they passed it to a " Deputy Adjudicator / Barrister" who held the post of a Commissioner for LSC at that time and in a matter that l had taken back to Lincoln County Court on 1/07/2003 and have written confirmation from LSC in 2003 that they would reimburse my costs for.
I have never been reimbursed , not even after taking the matter up with Carolyn Reagan ( Chief Executive of LSC) in 2009.
Andrew Roberts & Ian Flowers at Land Registry Head Office told me on 23/10/2007 that the claim by my neighbours to " land" already confirmed to be my " registered land" , was related to the previous problems l had , had with the Legal Aid Charge ( " error" in the Caution Register).
Evelyn Holt at Peterborough Land Registry , instructed me to inform the AHMLR of the previous involvement of Land Registry & LSC and it being related to this matter before him. Why would she do this if as you state , there is no relationship between Land Registry and LSC?
Why would Land Registry hold my stolen Conveyance Document?
A Document perhaps passed to them by LSC?
A Document l had been told by my Conveyance Solicitor , had been destroyed in a fire at his firms archives in 2005?
A Document that no- one according to The Head of The Economic Crime Unit ( DS Ian Jarman) had a right to hold, as it is my Legal Property?
I demand and assert your defence in the role you hold as Information Officer to your fitness and honesty to continue, when there has been controversy telling the ICO that no fee had been paid for my Information Request, when your predessessor ( Gill Miles , Information Officer until her departure in mid June 2009), waived the fee because of the delays caused by her inability to understand the correct wording for my DPA (SAR), for two weeks prior to the upcoming two day hearing that this information was crucially needed for if the Courts were not to be misled?
There is strict jurisdiction and guidelines that befit the role of Information Officer, and this is to assist with information sought by citizens under Acts of Parliament and to meet with timelines of issues like Court Procedures.
This could ultimately present at a later date , perhaps to your contempt of court procedures, when taken that this has consistently been deliberate hiding of the facts of Land Registry acting outside of their prescribed remits?
The matter of changing The Land Registration Act 2002 , section 66 , whilst hiding Land Registry being placed in funds and mine and Mr Murphy's sight of my own unpresented cheque on 3/06/2011 , is a serious misdemeanor when taken in the context of your own previous evasions to providing completeness in replies to valid information requests and my being placed in the position of having to request internal review on 9 th October 2011, because of redactions including the attachments that were missing from the Land Registry Communication dated 7 th September 2011 for the giving of "Property / Land" ( being 50 plus acres) to cautioners, including the cautioner whose Legal Aid Charge was the " error" in the caution register, reported by me in March 2000, with the supporting official paperwork of that charge.
The files provided to me , and accompanying letter dated 28/09/2011, with your signature , and while Land Registry was on record by the ICO as being in breach of the DPA, like the files shown to me on 3/06/2011, had been heavily redacted of all the information of the "lands" ( access/ orchard, property & 50 acres), that the decision of the AHMLR ' s Deputy Adjudicator dated 30/06/09 , could not be signed off on until the date of this further deprival of Property / Land on 7/09/2011 , some two years and two and a half months later.
I put it to you that Claire Holland ( CSM at Hull Land Registry) coming on the phone to me on 23/10/2007 and screaming she had telephoned my Acting Solicitors and that l could not be looking to complain about another property, as l did not own one, is proof of the reasoning of the non- disclosure by Land Registry of the two declarations the whole " totally paperless claim" was "solely based on", and five parties including myself not being provided with the " whole / complete/ case" for the substance of a claim , where Ms Holland has acted outside the remit of her role as Customer Service Manager and has revealed her knowledge of the further property with my Registered Title.
For the purpose of users of this site, UK citizens need to be aware of your " inactions" when supposedly holding a role for their approaching you with information requests, and the inapropriateness of your concerns being more to comply with a dominent Land Registry and lack of concerns of the poor service being offered

Yours sincerely,

Diana Smith

Sondh, Gurmale, Land Registry

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