Statement of Community Involvement

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Dear Middlesbrough Council,

Here at Civic Voice we are campaigning to put public participation at the heart of the planning system. With this in mind:

- Can you confirm as to whether your local authority has a Statement of Community Involvement?

- Can you confirm when the authority published the Statement of Community Involvement?

- When is your next expected consultation/update?

- Do you have a publicly available link to the SCI?

- Is the local Civic Society or Civic Trust identified by the local planning authority as a Consultee (whether Statutory or Non-Statutory) in the Planning System within the Statement of Community Involvement?

Yours faithfully,

Sarah James

foi, Middlesbrough Council

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foi, Middlesbrough Council

Hi Sarah

This information is published on the Council website

A review is underway. Timescales for completion have not yet been determined. Information on consultees is contained in the published document.



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Governance and Information Manager
Middlesbrough Council
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