Staff Accessing College Buildings

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Dear West College Scotland,

Under Freedom of Information Scotland, I wish to receive the following information within 20 working days:

1. Since lockdown until 19 June 2020, can you please provide details of the number of staff who have accessed the college buildings or otherwise travelled on college business? Can you please break this down into dates, roles, FTE numbers, duration in hours/minutes, reason for attendance and also indicate whether this was on a voluntary basis or for reasons connected with their substantive roles? 

2. Please advise whether there was prior consultation with Trade Unions before staff entered the building or travelled on college business? If not, please indicate your reasons.

3. Were Trade Unions involved in the drafting/agreement of risk assessments prior to staff accessing the buildings and did staff have sight of these prior to entry?

4. Did any staff members have to travel more than five miles in order to attend work under these circumstances? If so, how many?

5. Did any staff have to use public transport to attend work under these circumstances? If so, how many?

6. Was the decision to have staff attend work equality impact assessed? If not, why not?

Yours faithfully,

John Gallacher

FOI, West College Scotland

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Dear Mr Gallacher,

Please find attached a response from our Director Organisational Development and HR, David Gunn.

Kind regards

Joe Rafferty
Head of Organisational Development & HR
T +44(0)141 951 7466
Mobile  07583039541

Clydebank Campus
Room 301

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