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Seamus McGivern

Dear Department for Communities (Northern Ireland),

Further to a previous Freedom Of Information request (DFC/2018-0076) and the answers provided by the Department’s Clare Creaney from the Regeneration Directorate on 29th March 2018. The Department’s answers provided a table showing the total figures of Departmental spend on the Paisley Park complex in each year since 2010 to date for maintenance, exchequer revenue awards, public realm and neighbourhood renewal funding.

Under the Freedom Of Information Act can you please provide answers to the following;
1) With regards to the Departments spending on the Paisley Park complex from 2010 to date and the figures provided, can you please provide a detailed breakdown of the Departments maintenance funding showing what exactly the money was spent on, i.e. new fencing, painting of fences or buildings, maintenance of football pitch’s or bowling green, Utility Bills etc.

2) Can you please state exactly what the money under the heading “Exchequer Revenue Award” was for. Please provide details on the process around how the exchequer revenue award money was/is applied for or awarded?

3) Can you please confirm what the money under the heading “Public Realm” was for and the process around how this money was/is applied for or awarded?

4) Can you please confirm what the money under the heading “Neighbourhood Renewal Funding” was for and the process around how this money is applied for or awarded?

5) Can you please confirm if it is the Departments Policy to obtain market value from the renting/leasing/provision under licence of the lands, buildings and sports facilities in it’s ownership?

6) Can you please state if the Department obtained market value from the provision of the Government lands and buildings on the Paisley Park facility to the resident groups/clubs?

7) Can you please explain Why the Department never introduced fee paying for the use of the Paisley Park football, Bowling and Boxing facilities in line with fees charged by Belfast City Council since the failure of the Springvale Educational Project in 2002 to date?

8) As the Paisley Park facilities have been provided under Licence can you please confirm if the Departments staff carried out inspections on the facilities and buildings prior to and after any works paid for by the Department maintenance, exchequer revenue, public realm or neighbourhood renewal funding?

Yours faithfully,

Seamus McGivern

Young, Brian, Department for Communities (Northern Ireland)

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Mr McGivern,

Please find attached acknowledgement of your recent FOI request.



Moffett, Heather, Department for Communities (Northern Ireland)

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Mr McGivern


Please see attached response to your FOI request.







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