Dear Durham Constabulary,

20's Plenty for Us is asking each police force how they are enforcing different speeds limits.

Please can you provide:

1) The total number of Notice of Intended Prosecutions for speeding offences issued in the calendar year 2022, split by speed limit. Please include all NIPs, whether generated by fixed camera, mobile camera, hand-held or other device

2) Of the total number of NIPs above, how many were generated from fixed cameras.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Berendt

Freedom of Information,


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In some circumstances Durham Constabulary may be unable to achieve this
deadline. If this is likely you will be informed and given a revised
time-scale at the earliest opportunity.

Kind regards,

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Freedom of Information,

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Good afternoon,

Please find attached the response to the request.

Yours sincerely
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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Durham Constabulary,

Thank you for responding to my request for information on NIPs for speeding. Unfortunately, I am unable to access the PDF attachment. It appears to have not loaded correctly. Would you be able to resubmit

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Berendt

Dear Freedom of Information,

See earlier request - no need to send anything. It seemed to be an internal error at WDTK. I now have the file and will close the request. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Berendt