Spectrum Allocation Channel Islands

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Office of Communications,

You have a role in allocating telecommunication spectrum within the Channel Islands. Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request the following:

1. A detailed explanation of the role Ofcom plays in the allocation of spectrum within the Channel Islands (either collectively as a group of islands, or per island).

2. A list of telecommunication providers in the Channel Islands, noted by Island, who are currently licensed (permitted, or otherwise) to use telecommunication spectrum.

3. Details of current spectrum allocated (most recent allocation, whether fully implemented or not) to each operator listed in response to part two above. This should encompass the frequency details for each operator. Please detail and split out by technology use, i.e. 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE).

Please provide your response in electronic format to this email address.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Burano

Julia Snape, Office of Communications

Dear Mr Burano


Thank you for your request for information about spectrum allocation in
the Channel Islands dated 11 July, which we have considered under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000.


The information you have requested is available from our website.


Information about the licensing of spectrum for Crown Dependencies is
published at the link: [1]Channel Islands and Isle of Man.  From that
page, there is a link to a page with technical information about the
spectrum bands, interface requirements, coordination reference documents
etc. and in folders at the foot of that page, links to the detailed
operator information for [2]Jersey Licences, [3]Guernsey Licences (and
[4]Isle of Man Licences) as well as for UK cellular and wireless broadband
licence categories.  As well as summary details, each licence number links
to a copy of the relevant licence text.


Please note it is not possible to split out technologies as you
requested.  Licences have been liberalised and whether originally used for
GSM (2G) or UMTS(3G) may be re-farmed by an operator to any eligible
technology listed, subject to meeting the technical limits of the licence
and the associated technical conditions of interface requirements and any
coordination processes.


I hope this information is helpful. Please quote the above reference in
any further communication.


Kind regards


If you are unhappy with the response or level of service you have received
in relation to your request from Ofcom, you may ask for an internal
review.   If you ask us for an internal review of our decision, it will be
treated as a formal complaint and will be subject to an independent review
within Ofcom.  We will acknowledge the complaint and inform you of the
date by which you might expect to be told the outcome.

The following outcomes are possible:

• the original decision is upheld; or

• the original decision is reversed or modified.



If you wish to exercise your right to an internal review you should
contact us within two months of the date of this letter. There is no
statutory deadline for undertaking internal reviews and it will depend
upon the complexity of the case. However, we aim to conclude all such
reviews within 20 working days, and up to 40 working days in exceptional
cases. We will keep you informed of the progress of any such review. If
you wish to request an internal review, you should contact:


Graham Howell

The Secretary to the Corporation


Riverside House

2a Southwark Bridge Road

London SE1 9HA


If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have
the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a
decision.  The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:


Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane






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