Special guardianship financial support and assessment.

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Dear Norwich City Council,

Can you please provide me with the following information regarding
Special guardianship financial support and assessment.

1) Does the council follow the DfE method
of assessing Special guardianship allowance. If not please provide
information as to the method used.

2) What is the maximum payment for a child.

a) Pre school age
b) Primary school age
c) Secondary school age
d) Over 16

3) Is the maximum payment based on recommended core foster care
rates. If not what is the maximum payment based on.

4) Does special guardianship rise each year in line with the
increase in core fostering rates.

5) Is the financial assessment where children were previously LAC
different to the financial assessment for children who were not

6) What deductions, if any, are made from Special guardianship
allowance, ie, Child benefit, Child tax credit.

7) If a carer is in receipt of Income support are any deductions
made from Special Guardianship allowance, ie, Child Benefit, Child
tax credit

8) Are Special guardianship allowances time limited. If so how long for.

9) How many special guardians in the authority are currently being financially supported

10) How many Child arrangement orders are currently being financially supported

11) How many friends and family, (connected persons) foster carers are in the authority.

Yours faithfully,

Cassie Felton

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Dear Ms Felton


Freedom of Information request - information not held


Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000.


Unfortunately Special guardianship financial support and assessment is not
the responsibility of Norwich City Council.


Please redirect your query to Norfolk County Council. You find more
information about how to raise an FOI with them by visiting


Kind Regards


FOI team

Norwich City Council

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