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Leo Wu made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Valuation Tribunal Service

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Dear Valuation Tribunal Service,

Q1. Do you look after your own IT or is it outsourced?
Q2. How much did you pay in last financial year for software licenses?
Q3. How many computers users do you have?
Q4. When do you need to renew the contract with Microsoft for software licenses? What was the value of your last contract per year?
Q5. Do you currently measure software usage versus the number of licenses purchased? If so what is used for software usage metering?
Q6. Do you use a software asset management tool?
Q7. Please also provide details of IT Contracts Managers and any person(s) involved in IT Software procurement.

Yours faithfully,

Leo Wu

Russell, Diane,

Dear Mr Wu

VTS 04-20-159

We received your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act and can now provide a response to your request.

Q1. Our IT is outsourced, we are part of the HM Revenues & Customs/ ASPIRE contract.

Q2. We do not hold this information. Licenses are again through the Aspire contract. The cost of support includes support of all the IT and is not broken down into individual components.

Q3. Full time equivalent staff is 75, but as we have a live/dev/test environment and outsourced Helpdesk the number of computers is around 125.

Q4. We do not purchase MS licenses, these are currently through the Aspire contract and we pay support via the Aspire contract.

Q5. Yes. LANDesk.

Q6. Yes. LANDesk.

Q7. Ann Battam, Director of Finance & Information Systems. ([email address])

If you have any complaint about the way we have dealt with your request you may apply for an internal review. Please write, quoting the reference number above and giving your reasons, to:

Senior Information Risk Owner
Chief Executive’s Office
Valuation Tribunal Service
2nd Floor
120 Leman Street
London E1 8EU.

He will investigate and respond within 20 working days of receipt of your complaint. If you remain dissatisfied you have a right to refer the matter to the Information Commissioner. We will give you further information with the response.

Diane Russell
Corporate Services Manager

120 Leman Street
London E1 8EU
020 7426 3906

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