Social Services Financial Assessment

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Dear Essex County Council,

Could you please clarify what items form part of the Financial Assessment.

Are assets those belonging to the person having the assessment or does it include those belonging to spouse/partner "as in a divorce"?

Is there a standardised policy across Essex of does it alter by area? Why are individuals in different areas assessed by different criteria? Are social services given clear guidelines to work to?

Yours faithfully,

Gill Denman

Ruth Byford Research & Analysis Officer, Essex County Council

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Please find attached an acknowledgement of your Freedom of Information

Ruth Byford
on behalf of ISIS
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For a better quality of life

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ASC Information Governance, Essex County Council

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Dear Ms Denman, please find attached the letter of response and associated
information for your recent Freedom of Information request.



Francesca Driver

Senior Informatics Officer

Adults Health and Community Wellbeing



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