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Jim Dickinson made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Furness College

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Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Furness College,

You will be aware that paragraph 12 of the SFA Funding Rules 2012/13 is newly revised and states that “Where the Agency has made a full contribution to the costs of a Learner’s programme, Providers must not make compulsory charges to employers or Learners for any delivery of the learning activity funded by the Agency.
This includes: administration, registration, assessment, materials or examination costs whether incurred directly by the Provider or charged by other organisations such as awarding organisations. This includes charges for identification passes, uniforms, tools and material where without them, a learner cannot complete and achieve their learning aim.”

Please can you provide me with the following information:

1. The estimated cost to the college of implementing these requirements in the year ahead
2. Copies of any papers, including at Corporation level, pertaining to the implementation of these requirements
3. Can you make clear whether you are intending to apply these standards to other provision in the college, and specifically whether you intend to implement for EFA funded provision

You will also be aware of changes to the required Instrument & Articles for the college that give it freedom to adopt new structures and practices.

Please can you provide me with the following information:

1. The number of student members of the corporation at present
2. The existing methodology in use for their appointment/selection/election
3. If there are any plans to change the number, or methodology for their appointment/selection/election

Yours faithfully,

Jim Dickinson

Mark Nicholson, Furness College

Dear Jim


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request.  I have now
collated the information that you require and the answers to your
questions are as follows:


Compulsory Charges


1.       The college do not make compulsory charges to learners and so for
2012/13 there is no cost implication.

2.       There are no Corporation papers relating to the implementation of
the requirements.

3.       The current standards meet the new requirements across the
college and so we will continue to implement the policy of no compulsory
charges for EFA funded provision.




1.       There are currently two student members of the corporation at

2.       The extract from the articles of government for the corporation
is included below.  The two governors are elected from the group of
student representatives that comprise the Student Council.  Elections take
place in September of each year where a vacancy has arisen and all
students of the college have the right to vote.  Candidates are nominated
and seconded from within the Student Council and they are permitted to
canvas support prior to the elections.  The winners of the election
process form the short list as indicated in the articles.

3.       There are no plans to change the number for methodology for their


I hope that the information included within this response meets with your


Kind regards


Mark Nicholson


Extract from the corporation articles of government.


Standing Orders


Filling of Vacancies


2.7       When a vacancy arises for an external governor, for whatever
reason, the Search & Governance Committee will approve a specification for
the person ideally suited to fill the vacancy.  This will be based on the
current skill mix required and specified by the Board.


2.8       A suitable advertisement will be approved by the Committee (or
the Chair of the Board) and placed in publications likely to reach a broad
cross-section of the population and persons likely to be able to meet the
person specification.  Existing Board members will also be asked to bring
the vacancy to the attention of any persons that they think might be
suitable for appointment.  Applications shall be submitted in writing to
the Clerk to the Governors.


2.9       Where necessary, the Chair, the Principal and the Clerk will
shortlist suitable candidates.  The Committee will interview the
shortlisted candidates and make recommendations to the Board.




4.1       The student governors shall be nominated by the students of the
College (one HE student and one FE student).


4.2       The name of the student selected shall be put forward to the
Board of Governors who shall appoint the nominee provided that s(he) is
eligible for Board membership.




Mark Nicholson


Deputy Principal Curriculum & Quality

Furness College


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