Sexual Violence policies (Students)

C Short made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Northumbria University

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Dear Northumbria University,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can I make the following request for information, relating to Sexual Violence Policies at your institution. For clarification, Sexual Violence Policies or procedures relate to any official document, policy, procedure or guidance (or otherwise named) relating to students disclosing sexual harassment, assault or violence (or otherwise named).
1. Do you have a Sexual Violence policy or procedure?
2. If not, does sexual harassment or violence fall under any other student related policies (i.e Dignity and Respect, Bullying and Harassment, or Equality and Diversity policies)?
3. If any policy or procedure exists relating to sexual violence or harassment, please can you provide me with a copy of the document, or a link to your website where I can access it myself.
4. When considering disclosures of sexual violence or assault, do you follow a separate formal procedure, other than under your standard Discipline Regulations/processes? If so, please could you outline the procedure.
5. Do you have an informal resolution process prior to any formal investigation processes relating to sexual violence or assault. This could include mediation, no-contact agreements, or any other process which does not result in or result from a formal investigation into the disclosure.
6. If you responded ‘yes’ to question 5, please can you outline any informal procedures you engage with, and send any documents relating to this process.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about the questions asked, or to provide any clarification, or require me to shorten my request due to cost limits.

Yours faithfully,

C Short

US FOI, Northumbria University

Dear C. Short,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately this does not constitute a valid Freedom of Information request as the Act requires a requestor to provide sufficient information to identify them. As you have only provided the name "Thomas" with no surname, we are not able to identify you

Please provide us with your full name so that we may process your request.

Duncan James | Data Protection Officer| Records and Information Manager (Legal Services)

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Vice-Chancellor’s Office, Legal Services Team, Northumbria University,

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