Dear Halton Borough Council,
How many senior civil servants employed by HBC from the CEO, Directors and senior managers have a post code of WA7 or WA8/88.

Yours faithfully,

James A Owen

Halton Borough Council

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Richard Rout, Halton Borough Council

Dear James Owen,


You have made a request to Halton Borough Council under the Freedom of
Information Act. Please find below information against each of your
requests / questions:




How many senior civil servants employed by HBC from the CEO, Directors and
senior managers have a post code of WA7 or WA8/88:




Halton Borough Council does not employ any civil servants. For the
purposes of the Freedom of Information Act, no information is held.


The web-link below provides details of civil servant professions that fall
under the definition, and by whom they may be employed. This may assist
you in directing your enquiries to the relevant agencies / organisations.



Please note that the above website link is provided in the form of
assistance. It is not a Council website and the Council has no control
over or responsibility for the content within it.





Richard Rout

Operational Director: Policy, People, Performance & Efficiency

Enterprise, Community & Resources Directorate


Halton Borough Council

Municipal Building, Kingsway, WIDNES



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