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Dear Achieving for Children,

This request is about the provision of Section 17 (s17) housing (of the Children’s Act) by you on behalf of Kingston council. I would like to know:

1a) How many assessments for housing help under s17 you have carried out, and how many times S17 housing was given, for each year since records began. Note: If this is not recorded easily can I just have either the numbers for each year since it was started to be recorded in an accessible format, or if that never happened, the last year.
1b) The numbers in 1a broken down for assessments being made due to ‘no recourse for public funds’ and due to being found ‘intentionally homeless’ during a homeless application
1c) The number of families housed under s17 accommodation by you in each council area in the last year (eg. 5 in Crawley, 2 in Milton Keynes etc.). No need to list any council areas where you did not house people. And use the last 12 months or the last year that you recorded, either is fine.

2) How do you find the accommodation you use to house people who require a s17 provision? Do you use letting agents? If so, what are the names of the companies who find s17 accommodation for you?

3a) How much do you pay letting agents in admin fees for each property they find you to provide s17 accommodation?
3b) How much in the last year have you spent in total on letting agent fees?
3c) What is the range of rents for s17 accommodation in the last year: cheapest per period (night or week or month) and most expensive per period? And also the average rent per period for s17 accommodation.
3d) Do you regularly make payments on top of rent to S17 landlords? If so, what are they for and how much?

4) Number of times last year that s17 housing funding was ended by the council deciding no longer to provide it (rather than the family no longer needing it)

5) The average time a family currently in s17 housing has been in it? And the longest time someone who is currently in S17 housing has been in it for?

6a) Number of times last year that a family requesting s17 housing agreed to voluntary separation of the children from the parents?
6b) Number of times last year that a family requesting s17 housing had a non-voluntary order for the separation of the children from the parents?

Yours faithfully,

Becca Martin

AfC Information, Achieving for Children

Thank you for your email which I have forwarded to the
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Dear Ms Martin
Your request for information under the FOIA 2000 has been considered.
Please see attached our response.
Samukele Matshakayile-Ndlovu
Freedom of Information Coordinator
Achieving for Children
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