Section 127 arrests and prosecutions

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Norfolk Constabulary,

Please can you provide the annual count for your Constabulary of arrests, charges, number of assailants released on bail or released without charge, and successful and non-successful prosecutions (those that went to Court but were dismissed) under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 from its introduction in 2003 to date - specifically with reference to social media communications, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If 2018 information is not yet fully available, please identify what is currently available and provide as much as possible if you could.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Morris
Politics Student

Freedom Of Information (Norfolk), Norfolk Constabulary

Thank you for your email. Emails to this inbox will be monitored between 0800hrs and 1630hrs, Monday to Friday.

For non-emergency calls to Norfolk Constabulary please use the 101 telephone number.

In the case of an emergency, please dial 999.

Freedom Of Information (Norfolk), Norfolk Constabulary

Dear Mr Morris,

Our ref: FOI 000620/19

Please accept this email as confirmation that your request for information has been received.

Your request will now be considered and you will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days as defined by the Act, subject to the information not being exempt or containing a reference to a third party. In some circumstances Norfolk Constabulary may be unable to achieve this deadline. If this is likely you will be informed and given a revised time-scale at the earliest opportunity.

We anticipate being able to provide you with a response by 13/03/2019.

A full copy of the Freedom of Information legislation is available online via the website:

Should you need to discuss this further please contact us on the details above.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Norfolk Constabulary.

Yours sincerely,

Nina Moore
Freedom of Information Researcher
Norfolk Constabulary
OCC, Jubilee House,  Falconer's Chase,
Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0WW.
Tel:  01953 425699 ext 2804

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Freedom Of Information (Norfolk),

Upon receiving information from another Constabulary, I would like to amend this FOI in order to keep it within your time limits, and to enable it to be easier for you to work with.
If you use the Home Office Counting Rules, please use 8/72: ‘Sending letters etc with intent to cause anxiety.’ Again, I would like the number of arrests and charges per annum from 2003 to date. I understand that this may not have been a notifiable crime prior to 2015, but I would still like the number of arrests and numbers in custody prior to this time, categorised under this 8/72 counting rule; as well as the crime count for 2015 to date (as well as arrest and charge count – just to clarify).
Please ignore the part of the FOI requesting information on prosecution. I will attempt to request this separately from HMCTS.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Morris

Freedom Of Information (Norfolk), Norfolk Constabulary

2 Atodiad

13^th March 2019


Dear Mr Morris,     


Our Ref: FOI 000620/19


Please find a PDF document attached in response to your request for
information from Norfolk Constabulary.


This is to inform you that all information relating to your request has
been collated and my response is attached.  This request is now complete
and shall be closed immediately.


Should any further information be requested regarding this topic, a
separate request will need to be submitted.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in
Norfolk Constabulary.


Yours sincerely,



|Amanda Gibson |
|Freedom of Information Decision Maker |
|Norfolk Constabulary |
|OCC, Jubilee House,  Falconer's Chase, |
|Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0WW. |
| |
|Tel:  01953 425699 ext 2803   |
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