Scotland Station Announcements (Scripts/Twmplates/Guidance)

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Dear Abellio ScotRail Limited,

I'm looking at automating station announcements on a model railway and as such would like the scripts and triggers used for both automated and manual station announcements in Scotland. I understand that this is the sort of thing that generally evolves on the railway as facilities get upgraded, I would like the details below for what is currently being installed as systems get replaced and (if it is different) the system used at Aberdeen.

Specifically for automated announcements I would like documents which cover:
1) The script template used (e.g. instead of "The next train is for Aberdeen, calling at Stonehaven and Aberdeen" "The next train is for <destination> calling at <list of stations>" is perfectly adequate.)
2) What triggers the automated announcements (e.g. How frequently BTP's 61016 message is repeated?, How long before a trains departure is a message repeated?, When is an arriving train announced?)
3) What happens if multiple messages are triggered at once (are they queued and with what delay?, are they dropped? Is it message dependant? etc.)

Specifically for manual announcements I would like the examples and guidance document(s) issued to stations.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Gauld

Data Protection Officer, Abellio ScotRail Limited

Hello Robert,
I hope you are well. Unfortunately as a private company we are not subject to Freedom of Information requests currently. Due to the high level of workload across our organisation, we currently do not respond to any FOI requests except where the rules dictate that we must.

Apologies for any disappointment.

Yours Sincerely.

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