Scores of 11 plus sept 2019 exam ( for 2020 entry) by post code

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Admissions Officer,
Wallington County Grammar School.

This is a request for the scores of the sept 2019 exam(for 2020 entry) for all boys by Post Code.


chaitali dube

Maria Waters,

I acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information Act request and
confirm that it will be answered by no later than the allowed 20 School
days response (this being Tuesday 19th November 2019). 
Mrs Waters 
Admissions Officer

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Maria Waters,


The exemption for personal information under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000 Part II s(40) is an absolute exemption for the reason 
of data protection.  We rely on this exemption not to release the
information requested.  If the information were to be released, we believe
it would contravene the data protection principles enshrined in law under
the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Whilst your request is not explicitly for personal data, we are of
the view that release of the information requested could potentially allow

determined investigator to triangulate with other public sources
of information to identify individuals, compromising their privacy and
would be an unlawful use of their personal data. This is the case for all
of the data that you requested from us as our pupils are from a scattered

We would like to suggest a change to your request, perhaps for the
first three or four letters of the postcode only and the SET scores be
provided to you. This will reduce the risk of individuals
being identifiable.  

Please let me know if you wish to receive the data in that format.


Mrs Waters 

Admissions Officer

Wallington County Grammar School 

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Sent: 14 October 2019 21:10
To: FOI requests at Wallington County Grammar School
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Scores of 11 plus sept 2019
exam ( for 2020 entry) by post code

Dear  Admissions Officer,
Wallington County Grammar School.

This is a request for the scores of the sept 2019 exam(for 2020 entry)
for all boys by Post Code.


chaitali dube


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Dear Maria Waters,

Thanks for your prompt reply and helping further the request.
Here is the revised request for the data.
This is a request for the scores of the sept 2019 exam(for 2020 entry)
for all boys by the first 4 letters of the Post Code only.
Looking forward to an early response to our query.


Chaitali Dube

Dear Maria Waters,

Its been a couple of days and we are keen to hear back on our request for scores for the first 4 digits of the post code. We do understand its half term but is there a way to expedite our request and could we have the data requested by this week.

Yours sincerely,

chaitali dube

Maria Waters,

I am sure you are aware but any Freedom of Information Act request must be
allowed 20 school days in which to respond, excluding school holidays. I
am sure you can appreciate but at this time of year I am receiving many
FOI requests and can only work on them one at a time I'm afraid. 
Mrs Waters 
Admissions Officer

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Maria Waters,

Mae'r neges hon wedi cael ei chuddio. This response has been hidden from public view. For more details see the annotation. The text of the email stated: "Chaitali Dube Thank you for your previous confirmation that partial postcodes will be acceptable in our Freedom of Information Act response to you. I now have pleasure in attaching an Excel file containing partial postcodes and SET scores of boys who sat the test on 17th September 2019. Please be advised that any Freedom of Information Act request made must be answered within 20 schools, but if clarification is needed (as it was in this case), the 20 days deadline starts once clarification has been made. So, although your request does not need to be responded to until mid November, I have pleasure in attaching the information for you today. Regards Mrs Waters Admissions Officer Wallington County Grammar School " Cysylltwch â ni os oes gennych gwestiynau. Os chi sy'n gwneud y cais, gallwch fewngofnodi i weld y neges.

Gadawodd Richard Taylor anodiad ()

It is incredibly rare for us at WhatDoTheyKnow to remove a
substantive Freedom of Information response from our website but a decision has been taken to do so in this case.

Information released in response to this request could, especially
when combined with material released elsewhere, be linked to specific

The Data Protection Officer from Folio Education Trust, which runs
Wallington County Grammar School has been in touch with to ask us to remove the information they released
from our website.

The decision on what to do in this case was finely balanced. Both we
at WhatDoTheyKnow and Folio Education Trust considered the information
in question and assessed that its release was unlikely to pose a risk
to individuals.

There was potential for the information released to have been, or to
be, used for the basis of journalism, lobbying, academic research or
other public-interest purposes. The data could have been used to
assess the fairness of arrangements for admission into the school, and
grammar school admission in turn may have impacts on education, access
to professions, earnings, health, and generally an individual's
opportunities to have a happy and fulfilled life.

We considered the circumstances of this individual case and gave
particular weight to the fact that at least one parent was concerned,
in general terms, by the information being published. We also
considered that while the information could be used to pursue policy
and social changes in the wider public interest that did not appear to
have been the aim of the requester in this case.

The data released was titled: "Boys SET scores from 17/09/19 &
partial candidate postcodes" and comprised of 3,002 rows of data each
containing the first part of a postcode and what is described as "SET
Total Score 17/09/19"

In respect of postcode districts from which there were more than 5
rows of data the mean average score for the postcode district has been
presented below:

Postcode District Average Score Number of Individuals
E14 223.36 7
RG6 222.54 7
TW15 222.33 10
BR6 222.15 28
BR2 221.45 15
HA1 219.95 6
SL1 216.74 9
SW2 215.52 7
HA3 215.43 10
KT10 215.19 6
TW7 215.18 12
TW13 213.99 23
SE16 213.29 9
KT5 212.89 23
KT17 212.50 30
BR5 211.67 6
KT6 211.23 28
TW3 210.96 36
BR1 210.36 16
KT2 209.33 49
SW8 208.61 9
GU21 207.55 8
TW11 206.40 9
KT3 206.08 73
SE23 204.51 15
TW4 204.20 13
SM3 204.02 59
TW5 203.49 13
SW20 203.36 42
SM2 202.38 90
KT4 201.74 52
TW14 200.89 17
KT19 200.78 29
BR4 200.54 11
CR2 198.07 65
SE26 197.68 16
SM1 197.29 137
SW16 196.02 70
SW11 194.49 21
SW18 193.96 22
SW17 192.58 49
SE13 192.03 9
KT9 191.55 18
CR0 191.28 277
SE25 189.65 36
CR5 186.57 57
CR4 184.93 137
SE1 182.45 10

There were three entries in the postcode district field which were not of the form of the first part of a UK postcode: one non-UK country name, and two strings of numbers.

This data could be combined with other data, such as deprivation data,
or primary school quality/type data to seek to address various
hypotheses relating to the operation of the exam and the school's
admissions system.

Richard - volunteer.