Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Mrs B Hughes,

Could you please send the following information asap:

My first request was sent to Ms. Campbell on the 7th March in reference to a "Subject Access Request" for my son, which warranted no response from herself personally and was subsequently forwarded to yourself.

. I would also like information on how many parents have complained about inadequate SEN provision at Plantsbrook School ?

. How many parents have complained about the lack of understanding amongst teachers of their child's SEN ?

. Information in reference to Mrs Bolton's "teaching qualifications".

I am in receipt of correspondence citing her role as "pastoral assistant", "safeguarding officer" and "teacher" - as noted on a medical report signed and submitted by herself.

. An update in reference to the complaint raised with the parent governor, Mr Ben Crook - highlighting the failings of Ms. Campbell's actions, dated the 19/6, preceding the virtual meeting that ensued.

Yours faithfully,

Wendy Nolan

Mrs B Hughes, Plantsbrook School, Sutton Coldfield

2 Atodiad

Dear Ms Nolan


Please see attached letter from Ms Campbell in response to your FOI
request made via the WhatDoTheyKnow website on 01 September 2020 , request
number 688710-48ce0a3c.


Kind regards,


Bethany Hughes – HR Assistant/PA to Headteacher


Upper Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1RB

Tel: 0121 362 7310 extension *2013



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Dear Mrs B Hughes,

Interesting that Ms Campbell can now reply (albeit secondhandedly and no doubt on the basis of my request being made on a public portal).

My SARS request submitted to yourself on the 7th March has rendered insufficient information. Please revisit my email and send the information as per my initial request.

. ALL files/correspondence - including email and written communication by staff, from year 7 - year 11.

I do not believe requesting the teaching qualifications in relation to a member of your staff, is a breach of confidentiality. What is Mrs Bolton's teaching specialism ?

If a Teacher/Pastoral Worker is sufficiently qualified, why would this be deemed as an unreasonable request?

I shall await the outstanding documentation requested.

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Nolan

Mrs B Hughes, Plantsbrook School, Sutton Coldfield

Dear Miss Nolan,


I am writing on behalf of Plantsbrook School, in my capacity as their data
protection officer.


Thank you for your email, highlighting your concerns. I have worked with
the school in dealing with all information requests, including the
requests that you have submitted. Judicium provide the school with data
protection advice, impartially, looking to ensure that the school uphold
the law.


In regards to your latest email to the school, where you asked for: ALL
files/correspondence - including email and written communication by
staff,  from year 7 - year 11. I have been in communication with the
school, who have confirmed to us that they have sent you everything they
hold. If you have any further issues with this, please feel free to
contact the ICO.


A Freedom of Information request entitles members of the public, such as
yourself to information held by public bodies. You are completely correct
in this and do have a right to request certain information from the
school. The school then has a duty to respond to you within 20 school


A Freedom of Information request does not give individuals access to
personal data which does not belong to them. In this situation, you would
not be entitled to access information relating to the school’s Pastoral
Care Officer, as this is her personal data. The only way, in which you
would be able to access information surrounding Miss Bolton, is with her
explicit consent. In this instance, the individual has not given her
consent for you to be provided with this information, and thus the school
would not be able to provide you with what you are asking for.   


The school, and Judicium are trying to be as transparent as possible with
you and want to help you obtain information that you may need.


If you would like to contact the ICO, please feel free to call them on
0303 123 1113.


Kind regards,


Jessica Casillas (LLB Hons)

Data Protection Consultant

Judicium Education


Tel: 0203 326 9174

Email:[email address]

Web: [1]


Judicium Consulting Ltd

72 Cannon Street





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