RSSB Standards for Passenger Train Safety Signage

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Dear Rail Safety and Standards Board,

I am looking for the RSSB guidelines/standards regarding the 'common set of passenger safety signage', withdrawn and current.

I am looking for the document(s) that would be provided to a TOC (Train Operating Company), ROSCO (Rolling Stock Company), or a third party sign manufacturer for manufacturing signs; to ensure use of consistent symbols, text and other design elements, and standardised designs for signage used in all trains, such as "High visibility clothing must be worn when on or about the track".

I am not looking for the reports from 2000-2006 produced by Interfleet Technology/Davis Associates and RSSB Research, which explained the research and testing process used to create and decide on symbols and text that are used in these signs. Those reports are in Spark, and it is not what I'm requesting at this time.

I have already attempted to locate this information in the RSSB's standards catalog or the RSSB Spark. The information is not located there.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Balla Jr

RSSB Enquiry Desk, Rail Safety and Standards Board

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